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The proportion of travelers who visited Aquarium, Castle, Zoo and festivals in Scotland 1980-2010

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May 5, 2023   #1

percentage of tourists to Scotland who visited different atractions

The line graph demonstrates the proportion of travelers who visited the Aquarium, castle, zoo and festivals in Scotland between 1980 and 2010. Looking from a general perspective, the four attractions separated into two main trends with the increase in number among the castle and zoo. Meanwhile, others followed the opposite trend.

As can be seen from the graph, both aquarium and festival experienced a decline, in comparison of the beginning and closure. Even though there was a remarkable growth in the number of visitors to the aquarium for the first five years, from 20% to 30%, it then mostly underwent a downward trend for the rest of the period. Furthermore, a general drop was seen in a slightly way, from 30% to just only 20%.

Meanwhile, throughout the 30 year period, the percentages of tourists going to the zoo and castle witnessed a growth. Subsequently, the average share of visitors to the castle saw a dramatic climb starting with approximately 23% before hitting a peak at 45%, which was nearly a double. However, it then declined gradually till the end of the period. In addition, from 1980 to 2000 the visitors proportion of the zoo fluctuated, this followed by a moderate rise, which was a push in order for the traveler number to make its way to the second placement (nearly 20%) at the end.
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May 7, 2023   #2
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