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IELTS TASK2 Pros and cons of building nuclear power plants

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Oct 9, 2012   #1
Hi I'm preparing IELTs to get band score 7.0 and want to know grammatical and logical problems in my essay.
I'm waiting for your opinions. Thanks in advance! =]

Recently issues in relation to building nuclear power plants have been much more controversial since the accident in Fukusima last year. There are diffrent points of views about the effectivess of nuclear power but this essay will introduce both pros and cons by contrasting and comparing.

Those who are in favour of using nuclear power insist that nothing is more efficient than nuclear energy. The cost in demand to generate electrocity is cheaper than any other plants using either fossil fuel or water power.

On the contrary, people who disagree with nuclear power believe that it results in spending far more money in the long run. According to them, we chould take account into the high cost to build a plant and the compesation cost in case of the accident.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to consider what impact driven by new clear power on the environment. Some poeple argue that uranium, which is a main resource of nuclear generates less CO2 compared to fossil resources. Therefore it is helpful to keep the global warming effect from expanding. However, others are skeptical that this arguement can outweigh the danger from radioactive rays and wastes generated during nuclear power planting. As it's clearly seen in Fukusima and Chernobyl, the damages from exposure to radioactive rays were staggering and demand considerable long time to recover.

In summary, nuclear power has pros and cons together hence we should be aware of its risk frist then take advantage of benefits.
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Oct 13, 2012   #2
Excellent essay. So many new vocab for me but it follows amazing,
If i do ielts I'll be happy with 6.0
Perhaps you need to use more commas? I use it after "Therefore" If I used it at the beginning of the sentence
effectivess = effectiveness
Since it acadamic its better to stay away from personal pronounce,(we should be aware of its risk) instead of "we" in this case you can use people.Thats way I'ld do it normally.

Check out. I'll try to write one intended for ielts
April April 13 / 148 22  
Oct 13, 2012   #3
As it's clearly --- don't use contraction in ielts writing. As IT IS clearly
the damages --- 'damage' is an uncountable noun.
considerable long time to recover --- CONSIDERABLY long time to ALLEVIATE (usually it must be 'people recover from sth', not the damage recovers)

I think the first body para was not fully developed. You should explain more why some people think nuclear power is cost-effective, others think it's costly. In the conclusion, paraphrase the rubric before summarising your ideas. Also, adding a conditional sentence (perhaps to the conclusion) should help raise your band score.

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Oct 24, 2012   #4
In my opinion, the very first thing is that you'd better write more (IELTS Task 2 essay requires at least 250 words). Another important thing, I think, is that you should revise your essay structure, by equally redistribute your ideas into each paragraph. You may need to make an outline, in which you state clearly which are your main ideas and what are supporting ideas for them. One more thing, you'd better check your spelling carefully. :) Have a nice day!

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