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TOEFL; Pros & cons of having presence of a large factory near our community

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Apr 8, 2013   #1
A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages in both aspects of essay. I would say some of my points for building a big factory in our neighbourhood. In my idea it will be very useful for us as it is obvious in my essay. I will give my supporting reason in order of importance.

At first because I am living in a suburb part of a small province. So there are not job opportunity in my local area. If the company build any factory in our area, it will be very useful for unemployee rate. Young people will not leave our city toward big cities. I will be a positive point for groceries because new factory mean that our city will attract more people from near cities.

Secondly, the superficial disadvantages of the factory can be pollution. New factory can result chemical wastes to the river. But we can suggest to the president of factory the buying of up to date new refine system. By this way we can keep our weather safe. It can be interesting for people who would like to work in a factory that is not in a crowdy, noisy, and pollution city. By this way we can attract a lot of people to our small city and make a buck in our level of life.

At last, I would like to say that how the factory will solve some of the health problems that it will be very odd at first. because we our living in an boundary side of country, and because most of the young people do not have any job. So they prefer to take part in illegal jobs. One of them is importing opium from our neighbour country. Most of the adults are addicted to it. It is my idea that building a factory can solve this problem.

All in all, I can say a new factory is equal by solving addiction to drugs, thriving in peoples life, absorbing people to our town. So I strongly support to build this factory.
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Apr 8, 2013   #2
I am afraid by this you may only get 20-22 out of 30
But fortunately, writing a good essay for TOEFL is not a hard task at all once you get the key tricks.

First, the mind map. By answering this particular question, you are expected to provide two advantages and two disadvantages, and whenever possible it is recommended to provide examples for these pros and cons too.

Second, the structure. You are expected to write four paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction which consists of only three sentences; describing the situation; stating that this would generate some advantages and disadvantages; and listing the advantages and disadvantages.

The second paragraph is talking about the two advantages. Simply, you describe every advantage in one or two sentences and then you give an example (for example, how the pollution would affect the health of the citizens in the community).

The third paragraph is just like the second one but instead of talking about the advantages, you talk about the disadvantages and give examples.
The forth paragraph is the shortest. You conclude that building a large factory near your community has both advantages and disadvantages (rephrasing of the first paragraph).

Last, the tricks. First, always use connecting phrases (moreover, however, in this sense, considering, then, after that and so on). Second, the most important trick, is the following:

The question is asking about the (advantages) and (disadvantages) of building a large (factory) near your (community). You are strongly recommended to repeat, through the essay, the words in between brackets A LOT! In every point you provide, make sure you explicitly state that this is an (advantage) or a (disadvantage) of building a large (factory) near my (community). This is important!

That is it! Of course I cannot guarantee you an excellent grade by applying these recommendations, I just shared this with you because when I did so I got 28.

Good luck!
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Apr 8, 2013   #3
First, you should write more to get a high score, so you should have an overview on all of the subjects that can be asked in your exam to finding a certain line up for them. By this way you won't hesitate a lot on test day.

Second, you should determine a body for your essay before than starting to write. For some subjects it's better to have 3 body paragraph and for some of them like the above essay it's better to have 2.

Third, for each paragraph it is better at first giving an idea, after it giving some reasons and if you have any examples for your reasons, illustrate them. Sum up your paragraphs by phrases like : in short / on balance / in a nutshell / to sum up / in the light of foregoing / in a word /....

Fourth, in your introduction let the reader know about the any body paragraph of your essay .

I hope by a few study the best result for you.

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