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There are many pros and cons toward communicating ways; different options

thaitam 9 / 14  
Sep 13, 2010   #1
In the age of information explosion, people easily get information from many various sources such as comics, books, radio, television, film, theatre, ect. However, among of them I think books, radio, television are the most effective ways to convey information.

First, before the widely advent of media books have been the best means to explore information. Indeed, Books have noted many events, experiences, secrect, etc, which become invalueble sources of information today. According to some experts reading can stick in mind longer than watching. Actually, when you read books you tend to concentrate on the letters to sense the content; therefore, the ability to take in the information is higher. However, in the fast tempo lifestyles, reading a book takes over much more time than other media, consequently it causes low efficience.

Second, television has widely changed people's living. In the past, it takes a long time to transmit information from one to one, or popularise news to the public but now with the advancement of technology, people just sit in front of the screen and then watch everything lively. Indeed, Television provides people a large amount of information in the whole world. Therefore, people are able to catch up the lattest news or events on the air currently happening. In contrast, television also brings about downward, specifically causes people gradually addiction. Therefore, television makes people more and more passive.

Third, beside television, radio is a universal medium. Actually, people can enjoy listening at home, and while driving at any time during the day. Moreover, radio allows people receive information from isolated areas where communicating means are still limited. All in all, radio is the convenient means to pick up information, especially for ones who are moving. Yet, the most inconvenient is that people hard to imagine the images through the sound only. So, compare with television, radio still can not develop its function effectively.

In conclusion, there are many pros and cons toward communicating ways. But people have different options to choose from, providing that it's suitable their habit.

hope to see your feedback soon!

Tomomi 4 / 15  
Sep 13, 2010   #2
Hi Minh Tam,

I just realized something in your thread. I will state my own ideas. You can check them out.

Indeed, Books have noted...maybe you don't need to capitalize "B" after comma in this kind of sentence.
According to some experts reading....I think you should put comma after experts
catch up the lattest news or events on air(without "the")the term"on air", I have heard that before.

I am not so sure but normally when reading articals, I found that television or radio is usually used in plural.

Hopefully my ideas will be helpful.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Sep 15, 2010   #3
Look at this part where you need "AND"
I think books, radio, and television are the most effective ways.

"And" must come before the last item on a list of items in a sentence.

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages of various methods of communication.


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