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The Pros and Cons of Our University Life!

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May 6, 2015   #1
Our University Life!

People who have passed their entrance examination have to face a lot of new aspects in university life. These will become positive or negative depend on their attitude and ways to behavior. So, There are both pros and cons in university life.

It seems to me that, There remain a plenty of disadvantages when become a student, that may come from negativeness or positiveness. First of all, student could face a massive problem in time management when separating their parent's control. They have to get up earlier to prepare breakfast, instead of their parents wake them up for having available breakfast. From time to time, they get up late, go to school late or drop class. Moreover, when living far from their parent, students can be addicted to the internet. There are some huge innovations of social network these days, so these pay more student's attention than study. As a consequence of these, their studying result can be affected and lead to get lost. Second of all, there is no help from parent, students have to consider seriously how to finance suitably. For instance, they have two plans for consumption, either buy clothes or buy foods while they can only chose one from two. After serious consideration, they chose foods for usual using. Third of all, living condition is not good for development of student, so this may effect on student health.

As a coin has two sides, university life also brings many advantages for student. Firstly, living separately from parent can make a big opportunity for student to become grown and more independent on themselves. They have to learn how to behavior carefully, elegantly and politely in each situation, they also learn how to cook, clean their clothes and set aside an appropriate amount of time for study and relaxation. In addition, student life can encourage them work more effectively. For example, when the final test comes nearer, their homework is excessive and the time is limited, so they have to manage their time and routine more effectively to not get failed. Finally, living with fellow friends can foster their various abilities and desirabilities to conquer the summit of knowledge and success. Furthermore, the campus is always permeated full of academic atmosphere, so the university life lays a good foundation for student's success, because they have a hundred and one chances to approach with modern technologies, famous people, effective methods...

By the way of conclusion, although there are some disadvantages, I still strongly believe that university life is one of the best ways to usher student to success. It helps student to enlarge horizon and foster dream. It paves the good way for student's successful career in the future .

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