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Protecting the environment by any person is welcomed but multinational cooperation is more important

Robin_Ni 1 / -  
Jul 16, 2017   #1
Environmental problems are so big that they cannot be solved by any person or country alone. Instead, it should be solved at international level. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this view?

Who is responsible for pollution?

Environmental problems exist in most of the countries in the world. Due to the problems are not geologically isolated, such as water pollution and air pollution, it is necessary to solve in an multilateral way.

Many people support global-cooperation to solve environmental problems. one reason is that pollutions are not geological limited.for instance, the water polluted in one country can flue into another country along with river or underground river. nations need to cooperate to pass some multilateral contract to solve these issues. Another reason is that some less developed countries have no enough technique or capital to deal with complex environmental problems, so they need other countries' help deal with some issues.

Another voice of solve environmental problems by country alone also exist. firstly, if some pollution or ecological balance deterioration only appear in the nations which only care about economic benefits and don't try to stop this phenomenon spread,it is absolutely to solve this kind of issues by the countries alone. Secondly, if the pollution only have severe impact on one country's people and environment and they can't find the country who want to help them, they have no choice but to solve the pollute issue alone by themselves. For example, some inland countries produce many pollute water and draw it to inland lake, because the pollution sites are far away from other countries, so the other country have no necessary to interfere with the problems.

In conclusion, solve the environmental by any person or country is welcome, but national cooperation is more important.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,636 2523  
Jul 16, 2017   #2
Robin, if you say that the solution to the problem lies in a multilateral solution, then you must take the last paragraph of the opening statement to indicate the degree by which you believe that a multilateral solution is the best approach to the problem of pollution. By adding another sentence to the end of the opening statement, you will fulfill the missing requirement of your essay paraphrasing. Since you already did a good job with the partial paraphrasing of the original discussion and instructions, adding the missing requirement will make the paragraph complete and more than acceptable. It will be impressive because it will prove your English comprehension skills immediately. If I were to present an opening statement for this topic, I would have presented it this way:

Environmental problems are considered a global problem these days. As such, the world at large believes that these problems should not be addressed on an individual or country alone. Rather, the problem can only be resolved on an international level. I am in total agreement with this point of view because of certain obvious evidence that exist today.

Your paragraphs containing your discussion points and evidences are admirable. It shows a knowledge of the public perception and some logical solutions based upon your personal knowledge and experience. You should be proud of your work in that area. However, your concluding statement is too short to help the essay gain a better score. It should be more than just a single sentence that does not accurately represent the previous discussion and its related information. The concluding statement must be a complete summary of the previous discussion in order to better highlight your English writing and vocabulary abilities.

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