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Provide examples of solutions to reduce traffic in big cities

lvddqt 1 / -  
Apr 29, 2018   #1

Solutions for traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is becoming a huge problem for many major cities. Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce traffic in big cities.

Nowadays, it is obvious that traffic jam in most of countries is on the increase. it's a global issue, and inhabitant of cities are affected by traffic congestion. In my opinion, there is some several measures which could be implemented to tackle this problem.

On the one hand, the traffic jam is attributable to the density of vehicles that exceed the capacity of current system. Increasing the size of roads and streets could alleviate the current travelling overload. It would allow higher volume of traffic and enable more vehicles, such as private cars or buses, to circulate smoothly. Also, the expansion of road systems, although expensive and time-consuming, is believed to be a permanent solution to the situation of traffic congestion. Private car owners are increasing in numbers owing to the enhancement of living standards. They are likely to resort their car instead of using public transport since it's much more convenient. Therefore, the expansion of road systems is an effective way to solve traffic problems.

On the other hand, public transports are the other way to ease congestion. For instance, in Vietnam, Hanoi buses are the most convenient buses because the ticket is reasonably priced and it is very clean.This mode of transportations is able to carry hundreds of passengers at the same time, so it would help to relieve the density of commuters on roads and streets during rush hour. If there are comfortable and cheap public vehicles such as buses and trains, people will choose to use it rather than drive.

In conclusion, traffic congestion could be tackled by expanding roads and streets and using public transports.

Will appreciate all feedbacks.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,568 2485  
Apr 30, 2018   #2
Dao, this is a pretty good direct response essay. The prompt that you provided, along with the discussion instructions were well represented in your opening statement. However, your direct response was weakened because you did not indicate sample solutions to the problem immediately, which serve as the discussion outline in this instance (as required in the direct response essay) Had you indicated the 3 reasons (as per the 3 body paragraph requirement), you would have had an even stronger essay presentation that would have gotten a stronger score.

You could have expanded the road widening discussion over 2 paragraphs to help meet the 3 paragraph requirement. The second paragraph would have discussed the road widening advantages and then, in the third paragraph, a sample could have been presented as to how road widening would benefit both the private car owners and public transportation riding public. Thus making the bus discussion in the end even more relevant and an effective final sample of why road widening would be a solid response to solving the traffic congestion problem. This would also have helped prevent you from going over the 5 sentence maximum per paragraph. The second paragraph has 6 instead of 5 sentences so points will be deducted accordingly in terms of Task Accuracy responsiveness. The concluding paragraph lacks a summary of the discussion so points for that will again be deducted in relation to TA scoring considerations.

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