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Ielts: Provide help directly to the community or give money to charitable organizations.

vananh1511 1 / 1  
Feb 3, 2020   #1

the best approach for donating money to community

In this modern era, the question of whether making a direct donation or giving funds to aid groups is more beneficial has been receiving a great deal of public attention. Although rendering money to aid agency is not without demerits, the upsides will be far more significant.

On the one hand, the preponderance of direct relief is that donators could support the underprivileged who live in their community. First, this approach would help the benefactors know how their donations are used. Plenty of evidence suggests that there are numerous illegal charity foundations established with the purpose of pocketing others' money and even non-cash items such as books, clothes et cetera. Second, via face-to-face conversation supporters will have better understanding about the need of people who are under harsh life, which means that there will not be any prodigality of the donation.

On the other hand, there are a number of compelling reasons why people deem that giving money to charitable organizations is the best strategy. First, since aid agencys often invite journalists to write articles about there campaigns for media purpose. This implies that the donors' names would be well-known, which eventually be conducive to their reputation. Second, members of these organizations are frequently trained to make a donation. It is likely that they would be better at holding fund-raising events owing to ther practical experiences, which may bring out more merits now and down the road.

To sum up, the idea of rendering money to aid agencies would be more attractive. By considering all the pros and cons, donators could find their best approach.

Holt [Contributor] - / 7,888 2167  
Feb 3, 2020   #2
Please remember to provide a copy of the original prompt next time so that you can receive a more specific review of your work. Without it, only a general review may be given. You have written just enough words to make it past the minimum word count. That is not to say that the number of words will immediately boost your score. You still have several grammatical issues to address in this essay.

You have misspelled a few words in the essay. Agencys should be spelled as "Agencies" for plural or "agency's" to signify ownership. You spelled the word "the" are "ther". Please pay particular attention to the LR section of your writing. Incorrect spelling of words will result in heavy points deductions for that section of scoring.

You show an unfamiliarity with the use of similar sounding words. "... articles about there campaigns" is incorrect. There should be "their". This is a serious GRA error that will definitely highlight your inability to properly form English sentences.

There are some minor errors in your writing as well. However, I wanted to highlight the major errors in your writing style that will have a direct effect on your final score. I hope to give you a more detailed review of your future work. Just remember to include the original prompt next time.

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