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IELTS TASK 2: Providing the accomodation quickly and cheaply

Anaguna 21 / 27 5  
Apr 10, 2016   #1
Writing Task 2

Some people think that buildings such as flats and houses should be designed to last a long time. Others believe that it is more important to provide accommodation quickly and cheaply.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Construct buildings need a well-done plan in order to build a good structure. Many people argue that opinion since the apartments and housing is the place for living and it has to build in a long time period. However, for some people, the vital problem is not about the design since people need the accommodation quickly and the price should be suitable for their cost. I would argue that providing house quickly and cheaply is the best choose for people who do not have the housing.

Apartments and house are the places for living and many people need lots of time to design their accommodation. They always concern on the quality of the accommodation. It is good since the apartment is a large building and it need a long time to think about the foundation in order to maintain the strength of the building.

On the other hand, the requirement of housing is growth quickly in nowadays. This is because it related to the increasing of the citizens. There are therefore several reasons why it is crucial to find housing that is built quickly and cheaply. First, people need a house to live and it is very helpful if the housing is provided in a short time, in part of this because many can save their income to do not spend it by renting the house. Secondly, a low price of accommodation makes people easy to pay for it. There is a great deal of necessity that people should settle up. Then they need to focus on the price of living places which is affordable for many. However, it can be a little bit fear since the lowest price of housing probably can give a bad construction, but it is not really a regular case and it depends on the developer.

To sum up, it is clear to me that although the well-design of flats and housing can give people the best accommodation for a living, sadly it should take lots of time. I utterly agree that people can get more benefits to keep their money by finding a cheaper housing. Where possible, it is important to choose the best developer for owning accommodation.

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