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Psychiatrist are doctors that deals with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders

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Oct 4, 2009   #1
I wrote the Interview essay about a person who is in doing my future job. I asked them question to understand the job. I want your feed back. Is it like a interview essay? What changes do I nedd to do? This is my first time.to write the interview essay.Could please correct the grammer mistakes also? I really apriciated your help.

Psychiatrist are doctors that deals with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. They treat patients with mild to severe cases of mental disorder. To diagnose the patients, psychiatrist talks with their patients and utilize information gather from the patients love one. They as doctors are trained to recognized connection between mental and physical disorders. For my interview assignment for SPC 1017, I chose to interview my psychology professor Dr. Austin. It was quite an easy to acquire consent to interview Dr. Austin. So, after a test on Saturday September 26, 2009, I was able to interview Dr. Austin. From this interview I learned a lot of the communication skills that my career entails. My perspective of the communication and other skills needed for this career has changed drastically.

During my interview with Dr. Austin, I asked a few question in order to elicit a response that will aid me in my knowledge of the psychology field. She answered all the question to the best of her understand. From all the question that I asked Dr. Austin , there was one question that I could not stop thinking about due to its answer. Once I got into Dr. Austin's office , the first question that I asked her was the reason that she wanted to become a psychologist. Instead of giving me a great answer about some wonderful that occurred, her answer was simply that she wanted to become a psychologist after watching a movie called "Silence of the Lamb." Her answer to the reason she why she became a psychologist was from watching "Silence of the Lamb," when she was in the 8th grade. I knew a little about the actual daily life of a psychologist. Since I had the opportunity to ask a psychology about her daily, that what I did. One of the second question that popped into my head that I should Dr. Austin is how has becoming a psychologist affected her physically and mentally? According the professor, becoming a psychologist has not affected her physically or mentally. But since she has become a psychologist she has learned a lot about how to respond to stress and other obstacles life my send your way. As a psychologist she is able to teach her patient while learning from them at the same time. I asked Dr. Austin would she ever recommend a person to join this field. Her response was that she would recommend a person to join this field because she loves being a psychologist. She love almost everything about her job. Her only pet peeve about her job is the paper works that comes with the job and the fact that she cant help everyone. She continued saying that even though she said that she would recommend anyone for this job for it is a great job, not everyone is capable of doing this type of job. For someone to do their job properly they must fist remove the notion that they will be able to save everyone. As a psychology, you will want to save everyone but you will not be able to save everyone. Also, you must be able to separate your emotion from your career. She gave an example of if a psychologist meets a patient who is undergoing the same situation that he or she was in a few years ago. If the psychologist becomes emotionally connected with the patient, he/she will try to help in way that will affect the situation in a negative way. One of my biggest fear about getting a job is making mistake, and the consequences of making mistake. One of the most important questions that I asked Dr. Austin was have she ever made a mistake when she is diagnosing a patients. She said that she has never made a mistake not because she is a wonderful doctor who knows everything. She has never made a mistake because of something called rule out. When a psychologist is dealing with a patients, a diagnose actually takes a long period of time. You must observe the patient and rule out disorder that does not fit the individuals behavior. She continued saying that if she ever thought that she made it a mistake. She would go to another psychologist for help. You must be willing to get help once in a while from a psychologist for there are time you will need help. My interview with Dr. Austin was a very profound experience in which I learned a lot about the psychology field and the necessary steps that is needed to become a psychologist.

After my psychology test, I interviewed Dr. Austin. I designed the question in order to elicit responses that would be vital for me to understand the daily life and issues that comes from being a psychologist. She answered all the question giving examples when needed and explaining anything that I did not understand. The interview session was a complete success. From this interview, it came to view that I am frightened of new things that I don't know. I am also afraid of making mistake. But she reassured me that there is nothing to be afraid of and that mistakes are part of life. Usually, I am terrible uncomfortable when speaking to a person of authority. But during my interview I was able to lower my guard and have a wonderful conversation with Dr. Austin. From this interview, I come to believe that interview others are quite simple depending on who you are interviewing and if you are prepared for the interview. For the minutes that I spent interviewing Dr. Austin was nice, felt like I was interview a friend. Since I was in a more comfortable, calming environment, I was able to communicate better with stuttering and feeling scared. If I could do this interview over, I would not change anything for this was a wonderful interview even though it was my first. The only thing that I would have done differently was bring in a recorder so I could record everything she said. But she was nice and patient enough to allow me to write what she said and then asked her a question. She was not in a rush and just waited to be asked a question while I try to write her response. She was a wonderful interviewee and I would not change her for the world.

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Oct 4, 2009   #2
You need to break what is now your second paragraph into several shorter paragraphs. What is now your final paragraph repeats some of the information from the previous paragraph, including the fact that you interviewed Dr. Austin after your psychology test -- which is a piece of information we didn't even need the first time around.

Otherwise this is fine if all that you were asked to do is provide an account of the interview. I like it that you included how you felt, as it is important for people who will be going into psychology to be attentive to such things.

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