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TOEFL Writing "Public libraries are no longer useful!"

nickbigbang 1 / -  
Apr 30, 2018   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Public libraries are no longer useful, since you can find many books online. Use specific details and examples to support your opinion.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

are books online a threat to the public libraries?

My answers:

Public libraries are always important both in the universities and in the communities. Some people may argue that public libraries are no longer useful as we can find many books online. However, I strongly against this idea since the public libraries have great advantages on the scale of the people it can serve and the comfortable places it can offer. I will discuss the reasons as follows.

First, public libraries can serve a great amount of people than online. We all noticed that internet emerge in to our life only within twenty years. There are still lots people have a hard time using the computer as well as the internet. For those people lack of computer skills, it is much simpler to just go around the book shelfs and find desirable books follow the simple instructions rather than using unfamiliar software and surfing websites to find a simple books. Besides, not all the people can afford the prices when by a book. A certain novel can costs up to 20 dollars which is really expensive for the poor. In this case, the public libraries offer them a opportunity to have the same right to reading what they like.

Second, public libraries not only contain numerous books, it also provide a good environment for people to study or just relax. For instances, I often go to the library near my living place because if offer provides a nice condition for concentrating on my study. I can compare different research papers since it have big tables. And I do not need to worry about the weather condition since it the library have central air condition. In addition, the library also have a small coffee shop which people can have a nice afternoon time with a book and a cup of coffee to help them relax from their heavy work and enjoy the quietness and peacefulness during their weekend.

I admit that using internet give us a lot convenient on finding a certain book or articles. By typing into a few words, the result will show on the screen automatically. But using the internet will limit our reading experiences. For me, I feel great discomfort when reading words on the screen. Also, when we in the libraries, we do not need a certain target book we need to find, public libraries will offer us great adventure of reading. We can just walking around the bookshelves and we may randomly pick up a book that catch our eyes. Then we may enter a whole new world inside the book. Obviously, we cannot obtain these experiences online.

Conclusively, I firmly disagree with the statement that public will not be useful in the future.

Holt - / 7,528 2001  
May 1, 2018   #2
Zheng, you must change all the wording of the first paragraph. You cannot borrow any portion from the original prompt as you did with " find many books online". Always use a different method of presenting the information. You have to prove your English comprehension skills and vocabulary usage in this portion, which is why you should not use any wording from the original presentation.

Your essay suffers in in terms of sentence presentation because you have a problem with the use of connecting words such as "the" and "are. Take for example, the following presentation:

For those people lack of computer skills
- ... peopleWHO lack...

There are still lots people
- ... lots OF people...

Those are just examples of your sentences that lack connecting descriptors in your essay. The is a very common for you in every paragraph.

If you feel the need to discuss 2 different topics within the 3 body (reasoning) paragraphs. Separate them. You cannot discuss 2 topics in one paragraph due to the 5 sentence limitation, which prevents you from fully developing the discussion of each topic in the essay. So in paragraph 2, you should have separated the discussion of the book pricing from the library experience. Then, in the 3rd paragraph a separate discussion should have been made for the coffees shop reference. You constantly make this same mistake through out the essay.

Your concluding statement is incorrect. A concluding statement should never be a run on sentence, neither should it be an uninformative single sentence either. It must instead, summarize the discussion points as a reminder for the reader instead. Use at least 3 but no more than 5 sentences in that instance to prove that you are capable of restating your own discussion in a different manner, thus proving a wide range of vocabulary and sentence structure knowledge on your part.

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