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Public transport for health keeping, pollution reducing and environment protection.

M19O09F11 6 / 9 1  
Jun 14, 2015   #1
There is no future for public transport, because travelling by car is so much more convenient.

Private cars are considered more comfortable and faster .So people can drive to their work or where would like to go fast in compared public transportation . moreover , they feel comfortable because there are all options in their on cars such as air conditioner and suitable seats .as well as no noisy as compared with bus or train where some passengers annoy others . In addition, some of them break law and smoke inside public transportation . So some people think using own cars are better than public transport .and no future can be seen for buses and trains for preceding reasons .

On the other hand, travelling own cars cause many problems , and affect on our society negatively .
Firstly, many cars on streets led to more pollution. for example , emissions such as smoke and fumes are harmful and quit negative effectives on environment and human . furthermore some diseases like cancer attributed to pollution .

secondary , using private cars contribute to increasing traffic on roads , so travellers will spend great time to reach their work or where go .as well as cars accidents go up and cause massive casualties including deaths and material losses .

lastly , governments need huge amount of money to make maintainace of roads and widen streets or establishing new roads , because of jumping number of cars on street .

In conclusion , it is good future for public transportation to keep our health and reduce pollution to protect an environment to live in pure air .
sally_922 3 / 6  
Jun 16, 2015   #2
they feel comfortable AS THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE such as ac and seats.

on the other hand, traveling IN THEIR OWN CARS causes many problems, HENCE AFFECTS OUR SOCIETY ADVERSELY.

lastly government needs huge amount of money FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF roads

the CAPITAL LETTERS are the corrections .
i hope it helps you.
Jaggi7921 13 / 22  
Jun 16, 2015   #3
Keep in mind where u use fullstop point becuase there is lot which are wrongly used.
Next,use some complex sentence and try to give example of each point.
Last,ur second para is so confusing.try to put only one example in each para and explaing within 3-4 lines.

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