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Qualified people moving from poor to rich countries _Ielts

salmav 8 / 27 4  
Jan 24, 2013   #1
More and more qualified people are moving from poor to rich countries to fill vacancies in specialist areas like engineering, computing and medicine.
Some people believe that by encouraging the movement of such people, rich countries are stealing from poor countries. Others feel that this is only part of the natural movement of

Quality Workers Relocating to Rich Countries

Today, qualified people have inclination for moving from poor to rich countries in order to gain places to work in some areas. Many people claim that it is a natural trend, while others find it hard to accept this fact and argue rich countries are stealing from them. From my perspective, I mostly agree with the first thesis.

As far as I am concerned, workers choose to move to others countries because in there, they offer them a heap of amazing things, which help them a lots in their careers as well as their lives. For instance, rich countries give them chances to get the high wages or go abroad to learn some knowledge and proficiencies. Secondly, they may win promotions or even get extra pays if they work hard, which are not happen frequently in poor countries. Also, in developed countries, they have hundreds of good services supported free by governments to make lives better.

On the other hand, some people are not welcome in their hometowns. In fact, they abilities are not noticed or recognized. It leads to uncomfortable feelings of being useless and unsatisfied, which well-educated people often have. Result is that most of them might weigh up to find other places to work and few others stand still to prove their efficiencies. To support this matter, I will take my brother as an example. My poor brother got the MBA with the excellent grades and also had very good experiences, though he did not receive what he supposed to have. Because the leaders were scared that my brother could be their boss one day and of course, there are no bribes left for them. So he has come to Singapore to get a job. And look what he gets, 3000$ per month, which is consider extremely high in Vietnam and also in Singapore.

In a nutshell, It is also worth noting that moving or not is an interior decision; nobody can force them to leave. Apparently, giving out a choice depends on many aspects and people have the right to take their own paths in order get the best things for themselves. So we can put blames on rich countries for pulling people to move out and work for them.
nida khan 3 / 6  
Jan 24, 2013   #2
In fact, they abilities are not noticed or recognized.
dear thier not they
joythblessy 86 / 272 15  
Jan 24, 2013   #3
you have some good points ...
Try not to copy the words from the question, use other words..

the point they have the right to live anywhere from the conclusion move to 1st para..

Your example is good...bt i feel it is better to to remove the word poor...).

Choose to move to richer/developed countries, because these countries...

They have hundereds of good....cut free from goverment (most of the facilities are not often free and people are paying taxes..) ...which makes

Welcomed in their home countries..,not limit to home towns because people are going to other countries..

Because the leaders...:you can avoid this sentance...

Moving or not ....personal decision.

Consider reading more essays andd organising points..

Always leave two spaces (new line) to seperate para..

All the best..


Excuse for spelling mistakes..

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