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'qualities of a good student and respect is earned' - illustraction Paragraph?

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Oct 30, 2012   #1
Qualities of a good student
There are several different qualities of a good student. First as a good student, must be very tactful and perseverance. It means that he always turns in his homework or class work on time. It also means that working hard and not gives up when it gets very tough. For example, I remember when I was in high school in my senior year. I had a chemistry project and that project must due in two days. The chemistry project was to write about a Density Lab. We were supposed to identify the unknown metal. I did several researches about density and lab in the class. We did a lab like today and the project were supposed to due tomorrow and must write ten pages. I did everything and turned my project on time. My teacher was excited to read my page and did well on it. Second quality is responsibility. A good student always take care of he own things such as pencils, pens, erasers, papers, notebooks and other items. It means that he must carry those items on his bag pack all the times. He does not need to borrow none of those items that I list to other students or a teacher. Third qualities are paying attention and following instructions or directions very carefully. For example, I took a math quiz in Mr. Lawson last week; I had to read the instruction and followed what it needed me to do on quiz. I did a great job on that quiz because I followed the directions and paid more attention to my teacher when he was lecturing in the class. Last quality of a good student is respect. It means that I have to respect myself, and other people. This is my favorite quote my teacher told me when I was in high school ''Respect is earned, not given because of your rank or authority''. Overall, there are qualities of a good students are tactful, perseverance, responsibility, paying attentions, following directions carefully, and respect.

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