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TOEFL ESSAY - qualities of good co -worker. 'cooperative and compatible'

sandipsinh 37 / 90 3  
Apr 2, 2014   #1
What is the good quality of co- worker? Explain your ideas and details.

In today's competitive world, having years of experience or higher degree is not enough to avail lucrative jobs. As today, most of the companies are demanding employees that can be efficient co -worker in a team. An employee is required to be a potential team player as well as supportive co - worker. In my opinion, it is imperative to have a cooperative and compatible co- worker for our growth and favorable working environment.

Firstly, cooperation is required to carry out duties as a team member or as an individual. If an individual is working independently he must able to cooperate with all other individuals that are sharing the same profile in order to maintain healthy competition and smooth transaction of task. If an individual is working in a team, cooperative attitude takes utmost priority. Numbers of people put in their efforts, energy, authorities and knowledge to attain single goal. Herein one need to be cooperative and receptive towards every team players contribution. It will also allow them to enhance their knowledge. Flexibility, adapting and adopting technique will produce beneficial results for all employees.

Secondly, Compatibility in professional field do not come naturally, it is required to be developed. Compatibility in works is unlike personal relations wherein emotions are involved. Here compatibility is required to burn the hindrances in our growth path. However, compatibility skill help worker to adapt in any office environment and adjust with any set of co - workers. It allows employee to maintain the healthy and positive environment while working with them. In a scenario, wherein you are not having vigorous relation with your subordinates, working with them becomes challenging job. Adding to it, gradually it would take the shape of rivalry war due to which employee might conclude to leave the job. Therefore, it is essential to maintain healthy relation with your co - worker to avoid conflict and frustration at work place.

Any working professional spend more time with their office mates during week days then family members. Co -workers are unavoidable and they are imperative for our growth. Besides that, every worker is company's asset alike you, therefore it is essential to make oneself cooperative and compatible with our co -workers in order to work pleasurably.

Mowonight 9 / 19 3  
Apr 3, 2014   #2
The structure, vocabulary, arguments, exemples... are all excellent.

Are you a native speaker ? Or a long time learner ? I guess you would have full mark with this essay.

dumi 1 / 6,927 1592  
May 9, 2014   #3
Well, compatibility is not actually a skill. Compatibility means that a state in which two things are able to exist or occur together without problems or conflict. In other words it is actually the ability to work with the other person. So, compatibility is certainly a good quality of a co worker as there can be unwanted personality clashes otherwise. However, you have not spoken about the compatibility from a human perspective in the above para :(

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