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IELTS: The qualities of life of people in big cities are worse. Give causes and measures.

kantyjang 8 / 15  
Jul 20, 2016   #1
Today, the qualities of life of people in big cities are worse. What are the causes of this problem? Any measures should be taken to solve it?

These days, it is true that the living standard in big cities decreases gradually with the increasing people living in big cities. In this essay, I will explain the causes of this trend and suggest some possible solutions.

I think there are three main reasons lead to the worse qualities of living in big cities. First of all, the space of a city is limited relative to the increasing population no matter how big the city is. As a result, traffic jams and high housing prize are the most severe problem in the big cities, which not only spend people's time in vain but also raise people's stress of money. Secondly, the resources of society are limited. Because of the shortage social resources, the fierce competition in workforce market contributes to high unemployment in some big cities, as well as scrambling for limited great educational chances for children also result in instable lives. Thirdly, another important problem in the big cities is the environmental issues such as the air pollution in Beijing China.

To tackle these problems, there are some measures could be taken. To improve the quality of life in big cities with some concrete problems, like traffic jams, high housing price and environmental issues, governments could issue some rules to prevent those problems from deteriorate, such as limiting the use of private cars.

Furthermore, the most significant way is that governments should speed the urban development of some middle cities. Therefore, people would be willing to move to these middle cities in terms of more employment opportunities and more comfortable life styles.

In conclusion, I think space and resources limited as well as environmental issues are responsible for the worse qualities of life of people in big cities. I believe that governments could address those problems gradually by various measures including developing middle cities and encouraging people to live in middle cities.

justivy03 - / 2,367 607  
Jul 25, 2016   #2
Hi Keely, as I am following a few of your essays, this one here is a fairly written one, what I have observed is the fact that you have the idea in your head, translating it into writing in order for your ideas to be understood is a totally different thing. As mentioned, one thing that you can do is to practice, however, when practicing, you also have to consider, a few factors that will help you gain further modification and strength for your essay.

Also, the below can guide you through;

- know your prompt, make sure that you understand it
- formulate a careful yet creative approach of your essay and make sure that you draft it first before submitting it, this way you can still edit your work

- mind the choice of words you include or associate in your essay, make sure that the words depict the idea that you are trying to convey to your readers

Finally, make sure that you document or note your progress, this will ensure you or let you see how far you've gone from you first article to the current one and believe me, a little progress is a progress and this is very vital towards becoming better if not the best at this craft. Keep writing!

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