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Question about the advantage and disadvantage of working from home.

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Nov 15, 2021   #1

benefits and drawbacks of working remotely

Nowadays, because of the adverse consequences of the Covid-19 pandemics, telecommuting becomes more popular than ever before. In my opinion, there are several benefits but also potential drawbacks. In this essay, I will weigh up both the upside and downside of working at home.

As people work at their homes, there are some pros that can be mentioned. First of all, working at home means people could eliminate their commute, which allows maximum use of time. Furthermore, people need to manage time responsibly and rationally to fulfil the work requirement, therefore, it will stimulate autonomy and independence in jobs. There is also a chance for people telecommuting that they can have more time to gather family.

On the other hand, the house is where people find comfort and satisfaction. With the freedom to move around and take breaks whenever the mood arises so that it is difficult to focus on job tasks being done. Opposed to that, it is stress and pressure that the workplace's atmosphere brings, which will motivate people to work harder and productive. People who telecommute are more likely to isolate themselves due to the majority of time spent working independently. Beyond, staying at home for a long time leading to the electrical and water time usage significantly rise results in an increase in the cost of living.

In summary, although working at home can save time and be more convenient, it also has the existing limitations. Thus, people need to take measures to mitigate these negative aspects.
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Nov 16, 2021   #2
because of the adverse consequences of the Covid-19 pandemics

Do not make reference to current events in your restatement. The original topic is not connected to this presentation so this topic inclusion will lower the task score. The prompt restatement must be brief and refer only to a rewording of the original topic, without added information coming from the writer.

In my opinion

Your opinion is not deemed necessary in this discussion. In fact, you are not even prodded to provide it by the discussion guideline. This essay is a general comparison rather than single opinion essay. You misunderstoodthe writing instruction for this prompt.

The first reasoning paragraph is good but, could use a better discussion presentation. More supporting information would help bring a solid advantage discussion to the front.

The second reasoning statement is badly explained. There are too many topics presented in the paragraph, none of which are properly developed to create a convincing like of thought. The coherence and cohesiveness is faulty and will pull down the overall score. The conclusion is an acceptable presentation.

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