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The question whether the children should read stories themselves or with a help from parents

beobeo281 1 / -  
May 31, 2018   #1

parents should read or tell stories to children or not?

People have different views regarding to the question whether the children should read stories themselves or should be read by parents. I would argue that it is better for children when they listen to their parents reading or telling stories.

On the one hand, there are several reasons supporting that the children should read books and watch TV, movies by themselves. Firstly, this is a way which developing young people's ability of self - descipline. For example, if a child learns from the stories, TV or movies by themselves, they have ability to analyse the problem as well as understand the information. Secondly, parents are too busy to spend time reading or telling stories to children. Instead of waiting for parents, the children can arrange their timetable to read materials whenever they want.

On the other hand, listening to parents reading or telling stories is better than reading by themselves. Firstly, this fosters the intimate bonding between parents and children. Reading together is simply an enjoyable and easy way for parents to take out and focus on the family. Secondly, some small children need guidance and explanation when reading books. For instance, there are many enigmatic and complicated topics which the children can't understand without helping.

To sum up, I believe that it is always better for the parents as well as children if parents read or tell stories to their children.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,816 2619  
Jun 1, 2018   #2
Linh, since this essay only has 233 words in it. There is no way this will get a passing score because the mandatory minimum word requirement for the discussion of a Task 2 essay is 250 words. You will receive an extreme points deduction for the TA and C&C section because of the clear under developed discussion presentation per paragraph.

Once you score lowly in those 2 sections, the remaining sections will not be able to pull up the remaining scoring considerations. That is why there is a 5 paragraph requirement for the essay. By writing 5 paragraphs at 5 sentences each, the student will always meet the minimum word requirement and at least, get a decent score in the TA section if not in the remaining scoring considerations.

Now, since you forgot to provide the complete original prompt instructions for this essay, I am also unable to properly review and comments on your current presentation. The essay may sound right to me as a reader, but, without knowing what the actual discussion points and outline for this essay is, I cannot really say that you did a good job and properly addressed all of the instruction requirements. Please remember to post the discussion prompt in its entirety within the text box the next time you post an essay for review here. Should you wish to have your essay reviewed properly that is.

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