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IELTS essay question: if international collaboration is the only way to tackle most problems?

JeffGC 1 / -  
Nov 10, 2014   #1
Many people believe that the world's most urgent problems can only be solved by international collaboration, Do u agree or disagree ?

It has been argued whether International Cooperation is the only way to tackle the most emergent issues in the earth. From my perspective, it is disagreed that the collaboration among countries is the only method to cope with problems, although it provides some benefits. This will be proven by analyzing effective solutions from local government, as well as continuous supports from local community.

To begin with, local government are likely to react effectively to address urgent problems. As an example, in 2008, there is a serious earthquake happened in Wenchuang, China that caused a large numbers of people were studded in the ruins. Chinese government immediately organized fastest supporters from local army to resecure the fellows who were still in the remains. This example makes it clear that local governments have a relative all-around deliver system that is faster and more effective than other corporations. Thus, it is for this reason that international support is not the only method to address issues.

In addition, local community provides a large amount of labour supports during the most emergent period. To illustrate, each year in Queensland, there are many houses and plants are ruined by flooding, and people living in the area in need of many labour to rebuild they families after dearest happened. Thus, this is obvious that the strongest help come from local volunteers who provide are continuous labour resources. After analysing this, it is clear that international Cooperation is not the only way to deal with most tricky problems.

Following the analyzing the various help of local government as well as local community. As has been proven, there are many ways to address urgent situations but not just corporations from other countries. It is expected that humanity are encouraged to create more various problem-resolving methods.

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