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There's a question whether school teachers should incorporate homework into the teaching scheme

greynd 3 / 8  
May 25, 2018   #1

Homework for schoolchildren

Some people believe that school children should not be given homework by their teachers, whereas others argue that homework plays an important role in the education of children. Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion

People's opinions differ as to whether or not school teachers should incorporate homework into the teaching scheme. While there are some who assume that this exercise is futile, I opine that it is crucial to neither undermine nor remove the presence of homework out of the educational system.

It is justifiable for some to consider homework as a heavy burden for their children. The school day in some countries often lasts longer and as a result, children are often left exhausted and deterred to study more. In fact, the heavy study loads require students to focus sharply on the lessons, thereby making them physically and mentally drained. In addition, recreational activities have proved beneficial for studying from the perspective of cognitive ability. Schoolyard sports exemplifies this situation as it shows a link to cognitive function, in a sense that practicing it softly on a daily basis can stimulate creativity and improve memory.

On the other hand, it is a widely held view that homework is pivotal to the learning process. Revising at home by means of homework affords children the chance to learn about problem-solving and independent working. As children are able to work through their tasks individually and at their own pace, they can reflect on their mistakes and misunderstandings. This practice not only consolidates their knowledge but also enables them to adopt and adapt new learning techniques independently. For example, theoretical concepts which are difficult to comprehend within a short class session might be better analyzed and later applied by students if they do it by themselves.

To sum up, I believe that doing homework is an essential step in studying since its aforementioned drawbacks are eclipsed by the benefits it might bring about.

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,617 2512  
May 26, 2018   #2
Grey, unfortunately, your approach tot he whole discussion is incorrect. You have turned a compare and contrast with personal opinion essay discussion into a solely personal opinion presentation. This has created a prompt deviation to large, that your essay will only get a partial score, based on the personal opinion discussion, which will not be enough to ensure that this essay will get a passing grade.

Make sure that you always represent all of the discussion instructions as indicated in the original prompt. In this instance, you were asked to discuss both points of views BEFORE giving your personal opinion. Therefore, this is a 5 body paragraph essay composed of the following:

1. Prompt paraphrase
2. Opinion 1
3. Opinion 2
4. Personal Opinion
5. Discussion summary

None of these presentations were accurately delivered in your essay. Therefore, the TA section of this essay will fail. Add to that the GRA and C&C problems in the essay and there is no way that you can muster a passing score for your work. Remember to always check the instructions for discussion against what you have written in order to ensure that you have delivered all of the required elements in the paper. Allot at least 10 minutes for review and revision. Just in case something like this happens where you responded to only 1 of the 3 instructions provided.

To further strengthen your presentation make sure that the topic you discuss before your personal opinion is the opinion that you support. That way, your personal opinion, referring to the previously stated discussion can negate the information presented by the side that you do not agree with. Thus making the compare and contrast essay a partial argumentative essay in the process. These essay presentation types are guaranteed to increase your C&C scoring potential.

It is important that you focus on all 3 discussion requirements and not only the aspect you are familiar with. As in this case, you focused solely on your personal opinion rather than both sides of the discussion. How can you do better next time?

First of all, do not present a personal opinion in the opening statement. Simply explain the prompt to the reader as you understand it. That is called the prompt paraphrase. At the end of the paraphrase, explain what will happen in the essay through a thesis statement:

This essay will explain the factors behind the two points of view and then present my personal opinion regarding the topic.

The conclusion is not the place to represent your personal opinion as a single sentence. The personal opinion is a stand alone 3-5 sentence paragraph that contains an explanation based on a justifiable reason based on personal experience or personal knowledge. The conclusion is a restatement of the body of paragraph topic sentences that ties in with the reworded thesis statement.

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