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Question : University students should have right about whether they attend the class or not

students attending classes

Online learning technology develops very fast, give new horizon about learning change which provides many options for lecture resources. It should rule for students to attend classes. In my opinion, it remains important to students to be present physically in class. I will illustrate why I feel with my opinion on this essay.

Being presented in the class, give an opportunity for a student participating in conversation and debate which is different from the student that not attends the class. It also offers to spend the time of stimulating academic environment. It is very important to the student to be able to demonstrate their ability in front of the class. Attending class gives an opportunity for the student that wants sharper their opinions deeper. Moreover, classroom discussion shows how to support the opinion that relates to facts, and also how to remain to be polite when talking/debating with others. In my opinion, join the class increasing communication skills were very useful if they want to apply job of the further.

Furthermore, attending class helps students to the network each other which is also to make it easier to find the jobs after finished graduation. According to the statement, the student that is likely to talk to their classmate during lectures. It is not only helping them to become effective communicators, but also support them in relationship and friendships. They have more social links, recommendation and references from their classmate who already hired by the prestigious company. I think it is very beneficial and valuable experiences.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is still very important to students to attend classes. This is helping them to reach perfect for their communication skills, and also increase their socials links that useful after they graduated from university.

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