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Questioning authority is important for improvements and innovations in many fields.

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May 14, 2010   #1
Here i am posting my first essay.

I will be really grateful of you to comment on this.

Thanks in advance

Topic "Question Authority. Only by questioning accepted wisdom can we advance our understanding of the world"

improving through questioning

To improve wisdom and better understanding of the world questioning authority plays an important role. Question authority is the authority which can
maintain a check and balance of a system and improves the previous knowledge. Every theory is questioned , then improved and formulate into law
which provides a better understanding of facts.

The chief reason of this view is , our history had proved that improvements are made in every field by questioning. For example, It was supposed for a long time that our earth is formed on its own , but by questioning this concept Darwin presented a new theory of earth formation and gives a knowledge of

different phases of Earth's formation. This led to improve our understanding of Earth formation.

Similarly, inventing many physical laws in different time durations, by various scientists provides better reasoning of scientific myths. For example, it was
believed that earth is the center of solar system, but Nicolai presented a new theory that it is not the earth that is center of our solar system. Sun is actually

the center of solar system. This concept provides a revolutionized knowledge in the field of astronomy. This concept led into the better understanding of our solar system and revealed reasons of day and night , changing of seasons.

Weather forecast is another important feature of this. And all this new knowledge is because of questioning the previous concepts.

Furthermore, in our democratic system questioning authority plays a key role in check and balance and maintaining good governance in country. Our previous rulers were mostly lazy kings and dictators who rules tyrannically. In these times no one has an authority to question government decisions. And this results a poor anarchy in the system. But now as there is a questioning authority, any bogus decision can be challenged. This results of a much

stabilized and better controlling system.

Though questioning authority sometimes causes hindrance in law and order situation but it's benefits are much more and can overcome it's drawbacks.
Hence, it can be concluded that a questioning authority is important for improvements and innovations in many fields.

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