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Range of subjects which system is appropriate

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Aug 3, 2019   #1

Problems in the education system

In today's world, the issue of appropriately educational system is still under debate. In some countries, a comprehensive education is students' major in secondary school. However, in others, schools offer a certain range of subjects relevant to their professional pathways. Both systems have their own validity and from my perspective, they are dependent on people's choice and ability.

On the one hand, students who study comprehensively have wider opportunities in their career paths. To be more specific, well-rounded education equips with multiple skills and intelligences so that their problem-solving skill and critical thinking which are vital can be promoted tremendously. Therefore, these people can be eligible for various domains based on their theoretical background. For instance, those who learn a broad range of subjects can work in different fields such as writer, businessman..., rather than those who specialize in one domain.

Moreover, because the system is standardized, tests and other assessments are inherent to ensure equality and consistency. For this reason, people can indicate the proficiency and achievement of a student.

On the other hand, acquiring knowledge from certain range of subjects can be advantageous for the following reason. Obviously, skills from restricted subjects are the solid foundation of future studies. Thus, if students devote effort to concentrating on their major, they can enrich in-depth knowledge in their area of specialization. As a result, they are likely to reach expert-level performance, as well as get a promotion in that field of study. Additionally, students tend to boost their productivity and persistence when committing to learning their specialized subjects. These are strong motivation for children for the sake of profession

In conclusion educational system plays a pivotal role in modern society. Hence, people should consider the most suitable system and then make endeavors to succeed in that system.

Toan dep trai 1 / 7  
Aug 6, 2019   #2
Next time, please provide the specific question of the essay, so the readers will be easier to correct your essay :). Others are all well-written but in the 3rd paragraph, why it's get separated?
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Aug 8, 2019   #3
I think you should cut down the number of redundant words in other to give more space to strengthen your ideas. also, it is good if you include more specific examples of the ideas. for example, what jobs in the latter way are you saying? you have overall ideas and express them clearly but fixing them a bit will be better

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