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'Reach Malaysia!' - essay check

isai 12 / 111  
Aug 11, 2012   #1
In the days of modern world 'ReachMalaysia!' has brought up a new media landscape for an easy gateway. This new modern technology helps us to access the telecommunication journey as how we access computer. ReachMalaysia Teams up with FancodeSdn.Bhd introducing these applications with spectacular features. Nowadays hand phones have become a major part of our lives. A survey showed that 60% people in USA looks for their hand phones after waking up in the morning. Not only in USA is it being widely use all over the world. So this shows how important a hand phone is in our daily life. Not just for communications we use it for our daily activities like watching TV, reading newspapers, listening to radio stations, reading magazines etc. Specially while travelling we use it for entertainment such as music, games and we even use it for work like email and getting updates of share markets. This hand phones have made the technology so fast that if u have a mail u just get it then and then through your phone by push notification service. So to make it easy ReachMalaysia brings up mobile fan pages to our applications so that social media and mobile can go together naturally. To bring added value to all our applications we are providing a direct link with Facebook fan pages as Facebook is one of the most visiting site nowadays. In the category of advertising and marketing social mobile media is one of them and so the examples are ReachMalaysia and Fancoder. Facebook is a massive market nowadays like in December 2011 there were 890 users which is almost three times the population of USA and in average a Facebook user use Facebook for 55mins daily. Normally 70% of Facebook users are located outside of US. Now Facebook is available in 70 different languages and value of Facebook is more than 75 Billion USD. Facebook have features like insights that allows you to track you fan base demographics by gender, age, location and even language education and marital status. You can also track comment that receives the most interactions. It helps you to improve you communication skills like listen, ask, plan. Implement, learn, rise and repeat. Fancoder is an agency level service provider where you can increase your Google ranking, mobile & social media, multi-channel Add campaigns, & QR code list building services.
payampoya - / 3  
Aug 16, 2012   #2
Hi,first of all your essay is not clear i could not understand what it was about,internet?,facebook?using of handphones? what?,then it doesn't have a good structure and you have some mistakes in sentences like in the fourth line second sentence the correct form is"not only in the u.s.a its widely used but also all over the world.

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