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Reading fiction is more enjoyable than watching movies?

Tank 2 / 4  
Sep 18, 2011   #1
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading fiction (such as novels and short stories) is more enjoyable than watching movies.
Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

In the past,people prefer reading books in the free time,it's a kind of enjoyable entertainment,however,according to the progress in society,people are attracted by the high definition motion pictures,which quality is much better than ever.Nonetheless,I would prefer reading books.

Apparently,watching movie is an interesting diversion,which being shared with friends,it's the important factor of watching movies,additionally,such as those hazard and saga movies which bring us the visual stimulus.Vivid spectacle,clear picture,famed movie stars,these are the attractive factor to bring us into the world of movies.Did you find out the movies of "Harry Porter"is famed by the movies instead of it's novel.

How about reading books? is it really tedious of reading the whole book than watching movies? actually,I don't think so.I believe most of students are poor to write a coherent essay even a complete paragraph,that's why I suggest you to read the novel,in that,you will learn how the author put the words and words together naturally,how they imagine and describe something they have not even experienced.Reading books can also improve our reading skill and writing skill at the same time,besides,it's a good chance to know some rare words that we have never heard.

Last but not least,The obvious difference between watching movies and reading books is that we are being able to visualize and imagine the spectacle and ambience in the bookas by reading,throught reading,you may vicariously experience the story in the books such as you are actually there,this is the most attractive part of reading books.

I like watching movies as well,but I always believe that reading books will be more intesting than you have though if you truly enjoy it.

peiman 2 / 5  
Sep 19, 2011   #2
Dear Tank, please take into consideration the other elements in an IELTS test. You have 20 minutes for a graph, chart or ...(first essay) and 40 minutes for second essay which weights more scores. Managing time is the most important thing! If it is your first time that you want to take an IELTS test, there will be a possibility of being under pressure. So, practice, practice and practice. I recommend you "IELTS Cambridge test series". Familiarize yourself with different common IELTS topics and have good reasons to your idea. Among IELTS topics, TECHNOLOGY and CONSUMERISM are more frequent.

My scores in IELTS test were Listening 6.5 Reading 6.0 Writing 5.5 ( i couldn't manage my time. so, I lost my confident and my reasons were not good enough) Speaking 8.0 Overall 6.5

It's not bad. I mean my applied university accepts 6.5
I prefer not to score ur essay cos I cant. So, I'm really sorry.
wish u an acceptable mark, Tank.

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