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The reason for cosmetic surgery increasing and your view about its effect.

Truc Vien 1 / -  
Mar 8, 2023   #1

The reasons and effects for taking cosmetic surgeries

Face-lifting, nose shaping or liposuction are more commonly operated on people with an aim to a better look. This results from the public's opinion of beauty and an affordable price for such surgeries. However, I personally don't encourage the idea of taking too much facial operation because of some reasons that I'll give in this essay.

To begin with, it is the popular view held about one's beauty standard as well as people's ability to pay for such discretionary expenses that make the majority desire to have repairments on their face and body. Although it is demonstrated that we are born with different physical features, most of us are not satisfied with the available attractiveness. As a result, we set a goal of looking like a model or an actress with long legs, slim waist or baby face. Furthermore, that more and more beauty salons have risen, together with a gradually lower cost to attract potential customers gives a chance to a person with average salary having some facial changes. To cite an example, it is not unusual to come across someone who has a lip or eyebrows tattoo. Also, several celebrities have admitted having nose lifting or other types of operations.

However, it seems that such surgeries have terrible effects on their health and the possibility of fake clinics within cheap but unqualified repairment. Obviously, no one can ensure that chemicals you take in during operations are absolutely harmless. It can be seen that some people have suffered from infection after cosmetic surgeries which stops the body from healing. What's more, those who already have chronic diseases such as heart or lung are likely to face fatalities if there isn't enough high quality equipment. Regarding technique, there are more and more shops that are opened by unprofessional surgeons to swindle money from others. Consequently, those who spend their money on such ploy can have their face worse operated.

From what is discussed in the essay, it is the compulsive desire for a change in how we look and inexpensive beauty salons that increase the number of esthetic surgeries. Personally speaking, this may have a long term effect on our face in case of unfortunate because no one can make sure of a better appearance after taking operations.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,744 4514  
Mar 8, 2023   #2
While your discussion is somewhat related to the original prompt, it is mostly off topic in terms of discussion considerations and responding to the given writing prompts. So the essay cannot be considered accurate in terms of reflecting the correct discussion format. In terms of task accuracy, the examiner will have to score the first paragraph based on an unrelated discussion topic. A failing score will be applied to that paragraph.

The second reasoning paragraph is acceptable but barely responds to the question regarding the reasons people undergo plastic surgery. The third paragraph topic is not related to the positive or negative development question that was provided either. So the essay, overall, cannot be given a passing score since majority of the responses are unrelated to the given task.

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