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The reasons of increasing divorce rate (in Bushehr)

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Sep 3, 2011   #1
Woman shouts at the man "How dare you annoy and torture my poor daughter? I'm wiped out." and man angrily replyed "Why your mother interferes in our life and always talks ironically?" Nowadays loud quarrels like this between men and women have been the on going cases in court aisles. Actually what reasons could convince a couple to decide to get divorce. It seems that rate of divorce is increasing more and more compared to ten years ago owing to the education of girls at the university and luxury -oriented life-style between the families and finally the economic condition of families.

Not surprisingly, the continuition of girls education lead to increase in the rate of divorce in Bushehr. Unlike boys, girls tend to be more compatible with other peers and the increase in the number of university students around this city could do different degree and in this situation girls prefer to live lonely." According to Dr Karimi psychologist at Tehran University. He adds in some cases girl have higher degrees while boys prefer marriage following graduation, and in a matrimony wife does not like to have a husband with lower degree and decide to get divorce.

Undoubtedly, having a luxurious life has been a commonplace between a couple and this thinking leads to increase of divorce between them. Mahmood, 33 years old, teacher in school, is an example of a divorced men in answer to our question have said "Always my wife asked me to change a things in house, sometimes new furniture and next time new LCD TV, or bought an expensive jewelry as gift for her just to showoff to her relative. Actually she was squandering and I couldn't afford her requirements, finally we decided to split up." Many cases like this have taken place every day in our society and men and women have decided to divorce because of their illogical demands.

Furthermore, the economic problems are the main factors of increasing the rate of divorce between young couples. According to a survey on divorces people in Bushehr, 46 percent of them claim that the cost of the life was a determining reason behind their sepration. In addition because of sanction in Iran, many families lose their jobs so they cant pay their debt. Therefore, they may go to prison and their life are brokendown.

In conclusion, I do not agree with the exaggerated opinion that claims divorce graph has steady upward trend in Bushehr. If we want to have less concern and sustainable life, ought to solve the problem of our adults.

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