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What are the reasons for rising wealth inequality and what problems could it cause?

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Jul 22, 2021   #1

wealth inequality problem

In contemporary world, the wealth inequality has been a significant phenomenon, which gives rise to numerous jeopardies for the humankind. The precursors of this problem, additionally, are associated with many facts in the modern society, in which low-income members of the population are still bias treated. Therefore, through this essay, causes and drawbacks of this issue will be analysed.

First of all, the most predominant root should be mentioned is that there is still a majority part of the labor, particularly blue-collar workers, are paid unsuitably with their sacrifices. Those employees, thus, can only afford necessary commodities but do not have any extra savings for future demands, especially for emergency medical treatments. Moreover, inflation is also responsible for the problem of wealth inequality as it put people with low incomes in jeopardy by decreasing the value of tenuous properties that they hold for saving purpose. In the Covid-19 epidemic, for instance, the prices of ample products like foods, vegetables or petroleum increases dramatically while incomes of almost employees decrease because of closing policies or the purpose of saving fees of companies.

Consequently, this phenomenon is conducive to remarkable results which are harmful for individuals and society in whole. Firstly, it is responsible for numerous humanitarian crisis such as poverty, illiteracy and gender inequality that could demolish the civilization of the humankind in long-term. Secondly, this problem may recall the society of colonialism in which the wealth considers the power of a person or a country. The development of the globe, as result, could be interfered or even worse face with the possibility of a reduction, which correlates with the increase of criminals and anti-social behaviors.

In conclusion, there are evidences that wealth inequality is a paramount social phenomenon that the world is dealing with. Therefore, the authorities should spend enough awareness in researching for measures of that issue as a survival target. In addition, individuals also have duties in tackling this global issue as well as establishing a better society for all.
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Jul 23, 2021   #2
The prompt restatement is an inaccurate, and therefore, invalid representation of the original prompt. It fails to deliver a representation suited to the provided topic, discussion reason, and format. This topic does not suit the discussion. It is irrelevant to the original presentation.

The original prompt relates to wealth inequality sans the reasons provided in the first paragraph interpretation of the writer. Such misrepresentations alter the original topic and, as seen in this essay, tends to change the discussion instruction as well.

The instruction falls under the writing format of cause and solution. The writer developed a discussion based on causes and disadvantages instead. The essay will recieve a failed score due to the unrelated response provided.

Although scoring will still be provided selectively based on the cause response, it will not be enough to total a passing score due to the non-related drawbacks discussion.

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