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the recipe to success is in fact failure.

isabellaclaudia 14 / 31  
Sep 26, 2011   #1
There is perhaps no greater pursuit in life than that of success. Our endeavour, either it be at school or work, all aims for the same thing in life ultimately. Hence, the search for the key to success has received attention from many. Looking around, we notice that successful people became what they are today largely due to circumstances, opportunities, and more often than not heritage. However, upon closer scrutiny, a conclusion drawn by many experts are in fact contradictory to these stereotypes; the recipe to success is in fact failure.

This conclusion is a result of closer approach to different aspects of life. The importance of failure as the driving force which can propel someone to such a vaunted position in their life is depicted even in folk tales read to children. The tale of the tortoise and the hare, whereby the hare who always wins every race become complacent and defeated by an extremely slow tortoise shows the key to ultimate success is to experience downfall and failure beforehand.

Failure by itself does not guarantee that the next attempt will be a success, but it must be compounded with a positive attitude from the individual. Having experienced a failure pushes one to work hard and do the extra miles to achieve their objectives. The feeling of disheartened and dejected becomes the fuel to push one to work conscientiously which will allow one to savour the sweetness of success in the end.

Furthermore, experiencing failure teaches someone to have the tenacity and determination to push forward regardless of the obstacles ahead. Should they meet another failure which knock them down, they will have the will power to stand up and try again. Take the case of Thomas Alfa Edison. The revolutionary discovery of electricity was not achieved with a single touch of a hand, but in fact a thousand trials and errors. To unearth something unheard and unknown of was indeed an arduous challenge, but Edison persevered through it all believing that another failure means another way can be done. As it has been said 'another setback means there's another way to win', Edison managed to beat all odds and discover electricity which becomes a critical part of humanity even for many centuries to come.

As failure means there is another way to do something, one is prompted to become innovative and creative in their ways to approach a problem. The challenge that arises from another failure is to think out of the box of a better solution and ways of doing things. A classic example would be students using mind maps, videos, and e-learning to challenge and further sharpen their thinking skills. while another instance that is familiar to all of us is Steve Jobs. Only decade ago, apple company faces troubles in marketing and selling their merchandise. Thanks to the revolution that Steve Jobs present to the world stage, Apple products have become everyone's favorite candy today.

In a nutshell, through failures we face in life, we learn our mistakes, try a better method, and persevere to achieve success in the end. As Napoleon Bonaparte once said,'my downfall raises me to greatest heights', failures that we face should not be seen as a hindrance, but instead a stepping stone to achieve the ultimate success.

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