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'reducing the frequent use of airplane' - IELTS

airpunklee 1 / 2  
Jul 13, 2012   #1
Topic: Some people believe that air travel should be restricted because it causes serious pollution and will use up fuel resources in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The prevalence of airplane made an impressive improvement to people's life; a public debate, however, has been ignited about whether to limit its use due to the associated environmental contamination and energy consumption. Personally, I believe that it is not unnecessary to slow down the expanding of civil aviation.

Beyond all doubt, flight does bring two main serious environmental concerns to the world. Initially, during flying, it generates large amount of noise, particulates, as well as greenhouse gas, thus, may lead to significant climate change issues such as global warming and ozone reduction. Secondly, it also causes local pollution given that on the one hand, the construction and maintenance of an airport requires intensive energy; while on the other, aircraft and relevant ground transportation would dramatically decrease air quality. As a consequence, in reality, many governments are encouraging passengers to take alternative vehicles, especially for traveling in short and medium distance. Advanced and swift train, for example, is recommended as an appropriate substitute and has been widely implemented around the world: Eurostar in Italy, Super Express in Japan, and High-Speed Railway in China.

Admittedly, in terms of long distance journey, the airplane still ranks the first place in the customers' preferred choice list. Compared to other means of transports, it provides maximum comfort and security with minimum traveling time and cost, which enables convenient global exchanging and trading. Therefore, the status of flight, to a certain extent, is irreplaceable at present.

In conclusion, the proposal of reducing the frequent use of airplane is worthy of consideration since its drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Gratifyingly, with the improvement of technology and environmental consciousness, air travel is likely to turn out to be environmental friendly in the foreseeable future.

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dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Jul 13, 2012   #2
Personally, I believe that it is not unnecessary to slow down the expanding of civil aviation.

This, for sure, implies that you are not in agreement with restrictions to curtail travelling. However, it is better that you state your opinion more directly in line with the topic which deals with travelling because it is open to all aspects of travelling and not just for air pollution. It can include other issues too; For example, you may even argue that restricting travelling between countries can hinder the opportunities for cultural understanding between differen people that helps build peace and harmony between nations
OP airpunklee 1 / 2  
Jul 13, 2012   #3
Thanks you for suggestion, Duminda,
However, according to the statement of question, do you think it is out of topic if discuss other benefits that air travelling would bring?
Take nuclear power station as an example, although it emits litter carbon dioxide, and is more productive, the extension projects were still restricted just because of the security problem.

Actually, that's my most concerned part about IETLS - how to correctly understand a given topic
dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Jul 14, 2012   #4
Ohhhh!!!!!!!! I'm really sorry.... I've got the topic confused and wonder how it happened... so sorry... You are correct.

Sorry again :(
hds62 2 / 2  
Jul 14, 2012   #5
I really liked your writing and vocabularies. You have got only minor errors like: Beyond all doubts , ....

Admittedly, in terms of long distance journey, thetraveling by airplane still ranks the first place in the customers' preferred choice list.
pintianz 7 / 15  
Jul 14, 2012   #6
Noise pollution really isn't too much of a big deal generally since airports are constructed in an open area thats usually far from the majority residents. Also youe conclusion is not very clear. Breifly mentioning new technology withoutfurther explaning makes the ending off topic

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