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Reflective essay: From highway to hell to shot to thrill

FredParisFrance 61 / 7  
May 22, 2007   #1

could you please read my essay and give me some feedback?

Reflective essay: From highway to hell to shot to thrill

Does one really establish foundations for their forthcoming online learning at APUS? Most freshmen who attend APUS may be anxious to start as soon as possible the study of courses of their dreams. However, freshmen have either dropped out of a brick and mortar college or they have never studied at university hitherto. Consequently, they have already encountered difficulties in studying or they are likely to run into them. Thus, to what extent could those individuals demonstrate an innate aptitude at succeeding in APUS? Since APUS is an online university, the teaching staff does not want to take so serious a risk. Therefore, APUS dispenses a kind of opening course known as "RQ295 Foundations of Online Learning". This course is meant for providing APUS freshmen with academic assets, which will be beneficial for their immediate academic journey and their future career. What are the diverse notions studied in this course? What are the benefits of such a course? The course is structured on two main themes. The first goal is to familiarize the students with electronic classrooms and consistent study habits. Next, the second objective is to allow students to identify their advantages and drawbacks in order to narrow their gaps and expand their assets in the academic, professional and personal fields.

On the one hand, the objective of the "RQ295 Foundations of Online Learning" course is to provide students with the familiarization of efficient tools and techniques to succeed in their academic life. Actually, every freshman must be apt to navigate through the APUS website, particularly the electronic classrooms, and the online library. I have learnt how to choose my forthcoming courses, enroll in those courses, and keep an eye on my academic plan. For instance, I have gained that experience through an exam, which required explaining what stages I had followed to enroll in a course. Thus, this course has been beneficial because I am able to pursue my academic advancement towards a Bachelor Degree.

Moreover, I have broadened my experience of electronic classroom by working efficiently together with the instructor and my virtual classmates. In addition, I have learnt how to achieve assignments and exams. This course has met my expectations because I has learnt how to utilize the tools of the virtual classroom (e.g. how to submit an assignment to the instructor) and how to communicate with each other (e.g. how to post a reflection on the classroom forum or directly respond to the instructor thanks to electronic mails). This course has been helpful since I will exercise those experiences to work with ease in more and more information technology driven companies.

I have been taught how to organize my thoughts to fulfill an assignment. For example, I have had to read documents, and then ruminate over the subsequent notions to respond to at least one comrade. Sometimes, I have had to carry out research in the online library to write essays to let the instructor assess my critical-thinking and writing skills. Those works have necessitated me to master the management of deadlines, the organization of my thoughts, and the employment of redaction tools (e.g. a mature vocabulary, grammar, punctuation). As a result, I have discovered consistent scholarly activities or enhanced my familiarity with a worthwhile intellectual routine. That expertise will prove to be valuable to my career because I will be appreciated for the merit of my structured thoughts, my time management, and my communication skills.

On the other hand, the objective of the "RQ295 Foundations of Online Learning" course is to allow students to assess their potential. First, I have learnt how to recognize my fortes and limitations in the field of academic written exchange of ideas. For instance, thanks to essays I have demonstrated my ability to support my claims and express my creative writing style. Thus, the instructor has appraised my value, she has corrected me, and finally she has led me on the pathway towards the academic excellence. Accordingly, this course has been profitable to me because I will be capable to detect my flaws in my professional written exchanges, and correct them. That part of the course has proved to be highly significant to me. Actually, as a non-native English speaker, and since I am willing to work in an English speaking environment, I need to know the most efficient and accurate techniques to improve my command of the English language.

Then, the instructor has facilitated my endeavors for discovering my motives. Indeed, thanks to readings and classmates' interactions, I have learnt how to discern my deepest motivations that had pulled me on the university studies resumption road. In the future, thanks to this worthwhile course, I will be aware of my inner incentives that could be of help when I will have to make decisions about my professional or academic choices.

Furthermore, I have found out my learning style through drills. Thus, I have broadened my awareness of the different factors that hamper or ease my learning activities. For instance, I have been taught how light, food, odors, environment influence my physical capability and therefore my intellectual performances. Thus, I will increase my capacity to unveil what sometimes appears for inexperienced people as mysterious impediments or aids in my future academic, professional, or personal life, as a result of this course. That component of the course has proved to be extremely important to me. Indeed, I know how to enhance the atmosphere and ameliorate my position to improve my learning nowadays.

Primarily, the "RQ295 Foundations of Online Learning" course appears to be a necessary and efficient help to aid students in organizing their immediate and long-term aims for academic and career fields. The course allows students to evaluate their writing and research proficiency, expand their study patterns, and extend their expertise at interacting in the virtual classroom. Those abilities are not only indispensable for academic success but also profitable for career building and boosting. This course demonstrates the advantage to provide every student with the same basic tools and techniques for capitalizing on university success to gain a Degree and achieve further career evolutions. Consequently, this course is a kind of instrument for increasing intellectual achievements and an encouragement for pursuing the college journey. If one may deem that an individual without a Degree in today's world is likely to drive his career on the highway to hell, one can be assured that beginning at APUS with the "RQ295 Foundations of Online Learning" course will give him the chance to experience an actual and unforgettable shot to thrill. Therefore, if you are ready for a good time, take this course and you will notice that hell's bells sound will grow more and more distant and you will approach success.

EF_Team2 1 / 1,709  
May 23, 2007   #2

You have written an excellent essay describing the course. However, I'm not sure you have exactly followed the instructions. The instructor seemed to be asking for a more personal assessment. You do not talk about yourself at all in the essay. It is difficult to talk about "the aspects of the class that you enjoyed the most and found to be most beneficial to you as a learner" without mentioning yourself. Your essay reads more like a brochure recommending the course than a reflective essay--a very well-written brochure, mind you, but a brochure nonetheless.

A few other editing notes:

What are the diverse notions elements studied in this course? - it appears there should be a word between "notions" and "elements"...perhaps "and"?

Finally, the second objective is to - Normally, one would use "finally" at the end of a list which has more than two items in it.

enroll those courses, - say, "enroll in those courses"

(e.g. a mature vocabulary, grammar, punctuation.) - when the parenthetical phrase is not a complete sentence within itself, put the period outside the parenthesis. Also, always put a comma after "e.g.," and "i.e."

Thus, students will increase their capacity to unveil that sometimes appears - I think perhaps you meant "what" rather than "that"?

You may wish to review your essay to see whether you agree with me that it does not quite answer the questions posed. Aside from that, it is your usual excellent writing!


Sarah, EssayForum.com
EF_Team2 1 / 1,709  
May 27, 2007   #3

First of all, sorry for the delay in getting back to you; I've been on vacation. I like the changes you've made! I will admit to being a little confused by the phrase "shot to thrill." I'm not sure I understand it. Is that a reference to something? Perhaps I'm just not familiar with it.


Sarah, EssayForum.com

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