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Regular and Acceleration - Two Programs in The Learning Process

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May 10, 2012   #1
Nowadays, public and government have given considerable attention to education field. They concentrate on the students' characteristics, so they attempt to make transformation in learning program. One of their efforts is the providing of two learning programs; there are regular program and acceleration program. Several years recently, a lot of schools including elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school, have applied it, for they want to give appropriate learning system based on students' ability. Nevertheless, both regular program and acceleration program have similarity in the basic standard of learning and opportunity to develop of students' ability.

Regular program can be compared to acceleration program in basic standard of learning. Basic standard of learning must be completed based on curriculum and it must be applied in every learning process. This standard is designed by ministry of education. All students from acceleration program just like regular program students have to pass the examinations in all subjects, so they can be identified have met the demand of standard. The examinations that must be done are mid-term test, final test, and national final examination.

Regular program and acceleration program are similar because they give opportunity to develop students' ability. It is believed that every human has his own ability, so a lot of activities are designed to improve it. The ability can be a talent or creativity in various kinds. The activities have their purpose learning and it can be enrolled by all students from both regular program and acceleration program. If students want to learn about leadership, they can join with organization like OSIS. Besides that, there are many kind of extracurricular which can be chosen by students. Those are divided into two concerns; sport and academic. Junior high school and senior high school usually also have annual program such as inauguration and field study. Inauguration has to be joined by the first grade students; however, field study has to be joined by second grade students. Those all activities feel interesting and they give lots of advantages for all students.

Although regular program and acceleration program are equal, there are differences in the period of finishing study and the process of learning.
Regular program and acceleration program are dissimilar in period of finishing study. The students of regular program finish their study normally; nonetheless, acceleration program lets its students finish their study a year earlier. In Elementary School, regular program has 6 years to complete all learning process. In contrast, acceleration program has to complete it only in 5 years. Acceleration program in Junior High School and Senior High School, just like Elementary School, have to complete the learning process sooner. Both these level of education, allocate 3 years to their regular program students to finish the learning process; however, the acceleration program students must complete the learning process in 2 years.

Another difference between regular program and acceleration program is in the process of learning. The students of acceleration program are given more assignment from their teacher, for they have a less time to finish their study than regular program students have. Furthermore, they have more practice and discussion in group than learning theory in the class. On the other hand, regular program students do not get a lot of assignments, so they have more leisure time. They study as same as usual. Therefore, acceleration program students will be busier than regular program students.

Regular program and acceleration program seem different, for they have their own intention. In spite of having differences in the period of finishing study and the process of studying, they have to create the learning process as well as possible. Moreover, their differences and similarities will not diminish the quality of each program. Both regular program and acceleration program are designed to acquire better education system in Indonesia.

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May 10, 2012   #2
Well I think your interpretation of the subject matter is quite accurate and nicely demonstrated. Your grammar is a bit off, but your point is very clear. Be mindful of how over-repetition can affect your essay for the reader and cut down on using the same words/phrases in excess. I think you are well on your way! Great job, good luck and have fun in school!

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