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Regular class attendance important to college students?

tuongvi 3 / 6  
Apr 17, 2012   #1

Nowadays, it has many ideas supporting that college students are old enough for positive in their studies. Therefore, whether regular class attendance is important to students or not is still on debate. Many people think that sometimes students can learn themselves by many sources information without waste of time at class. In my opinion, it is essential to college students to be present at class frequently for grasping the fundamental knowledge efficiently and enhancing their necessary skills proficiently.

Firstly, gaining firmly knowledge at school is the most important benefit to attend class regularly. Students are able to memorize information longer when participating in class discussion, working group or sharing opinion. These activities are better for learner to keep knowledge in their mind. Moreover, students also have the direct instruction from the teacher, so they will realize and learn from their mistake. It is clear that students take many advantages to be present frequently at class.

Another crucial benefit that students will take when attend regularly is to enhance their necessary skills that most students want to achieve. By selective listening and positive contribution at class, these skills like speaking, listening, presentation or confidence will be improved significantly. Students can control unexceptional situations not only in their studies but also in the real life. To increase and supply those skills effectively, there is no way better than regular class attendance.

Some people support that students need to activate in their studies, so they must learn themselves without waste of time at class. However, whether students can realize their mistake when learning themselves? In additional, absence makes their studies be interrupted, and learner will face some difficulties to have the cumulative in understanding. It means that permanent class attendance is not waste of time at all.

In conclusion, I believe that class attendance is the most essential factor helping learners perfect their understanding because of its benefits: grasping firmly knowledge and improving necessary skills. Therefore, students should not only attend permanently at class but also study positively to have a good understanding.

Mimo 1 / 2  
Apr 18, 2012   #2
Nice essay!!! I ,too, think it is really important to attend at schools and colleges.
the essay is very nice and convincing, but i just think there is some kind of repitition in the fourth paragraph (first sentence), but overall the essay is great.
OP tuongvi 3 / 6  
May 25, 2012   #3
i'm considering that i should repair the first sentence of the fourth paragraph or not because here is an argumentative essay. anyway, thank you, Mimo
JeremyW 1 / 5  
May 26, 2012   #4
BCIT kicks students out of a particular course if they miss 10% of the course (unexcused ofcourse.) The primary justification is: You can't miss 10% of your work-days or you'll be fired.

Not sure if it works that way with other schools as well. Maybe you can use this information in your essay?

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