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Over-reliance on other nations to solve country problems

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Nov 5, 2019   #1

the issue of co-operation between countries

Over the past decades, international collaborations has never failed to draw public attention and provoke debates. Although co-operation between countries has proved to be an effective way to tackle important issues, the issue as to whether it is the only solution or not remains controversial. From my perspective, while this collaboration offers great benefits, it is unrealistic to believe that it is the key to all emerging problems.

On the one hand, a co-operation between a wide range of countries bears numerous positive consequences. As a collaboration allows complex issues to reach the global level, it can help to gather wisdom and resources to deal with those problems. For example, since environmental issues was considered a matter of concern to all countries, a series of international conference have been held to reduce pollution and some effective measures have been taken such as planting more trees and using alternative resources. Another case in point is the international aid provider for people suffering from wars and natural disasters. The joint efforts of donor countries and the other organizations not only reduce the impact of humanitarian disasters but also relieve the hardships for those victims.

On the other hand, there are many cases that requires domestic resolution instead of co-operation between countries. For example, poverty, backward education and corruption are the issues which can be tackled by the government themselves. If the authorities rely to much on other countries to help, the nation itself may never develop independently. Another point to mention is that international collaborations do not always yield desired results. Firstly, since other countries cannot provide help immediately, the problem may need a long time to be addressed. For example, if starvation occurs in a country, wating for other nations to help can result in numerous citizens died before receiving food aid.

To conclude, in the context of globalization, all countries have become interdependent on each other to address complex issues. However, over-reliance on other nations could be counterproductive way in the development progress of the country.

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