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Should we replace public parks with houses and business area?

bhminhanh 1 / -  
Nov 9, 2018   #1

the role of public parks to human life

Public parks have been considered as an indispensable aspect every community due to its profound positive impact on citizens' lives. While some people state that we should cut down on the establishment of parks to make room for housing areas or business enterprises, I strongly believe that parks play an irreplaceable role in our lives and must be developed in quality and scale.

It is no doubt true that public parks directly boost the development of people in both mental and physical aspects. Whether it is going for a long stroll with a partner, doing physical exercises every morning or simply just going on a decent weekend camp with your family, parks are the top-of-mind option of the majority of us. What's more, go sightseeing in the park or congregating with friends enhances a sense of relaxation enjoyed by most people.

Another reason why we should retain the existence of public parks is that it possesses vital environmental significance. Parks contain a diversity of trees and plants that absorb carbon dioxide whereas emits oxygen into the atmosphere, this process helps purifies the air and hinder the progress of global warming, not to mention other positive consequences. Furthermore, children can take advantage of the botanical environment in public parks by seizing more exposure to nature, from which they comprehend not only knowledge but also affection toward the biological study.

From the aforementioned reasons, I must concede that the role of public parks to human life is of substantial significance: they make improvement in people's mental and physical well-being and help protect the environmental condition of the locality. Therefore they should not be replaced by houses or business companies, especially in urban areas where skyscrapers are rampant, the existence of parks is important to counterbalance the confinement and pollution that are already overdose.

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