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Report: Evaluation of the 'International food' course in the Superior school of cookery.

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Sep 9, 2021   #1
You have just completed a cooking course. As part of the school's research and efforts to offer superior classes, they have asked you to write an evaluation of your experience as a student. Your report should discuss what you learned from the class and what you thought of the teachers and their instruction methods. Mention any ways you think the class could be improved and say whether you would or would not recommend the course to a friend or relative.

To: The School of Cuisine.
From: Isabel.

Subject: Evaluation of the 'International food' course.

Date: 9/9/2021

The aim of this report is to evaluate the 'International food course' offered by the School of Cuisine, which I have completed.
The first observation to make concerns the cooking techniques that I have learned during the course sessions. It was extremely valuable to learn how to improve simple cooking methods, such as frying and boiling. Specially, I have learned a Spanish frying system to fry vegetables with the specific oil measures so that, I can recognise when the fried elements are ready to be served.

With regard to the teachers and the instruction methods they have satisfied my expectations. One of my teachers possesses some traditional gastronomy awards, i.e. The III National Competition of innovative typical dishes'. Concerning the instruction methods, since the trainers must cooperate with other professional chefs and their own classmates, the instruction methods are highly interactive and intuitive for the future culinarians.

To improve the classes, it would be practical to use more spacious classrooms, so that the student would be more comfortable when practising cooking activities. Moreover, the cookery equipment should be renewed since they are a bit obsolete.

Finally, I would strongly recommend taking this course to my friends because it can widen their scope of international dishes.

In conclusion, multiple cooking techniques have been useful to cook on my own. The professional teachers and the interactive instruction methods are highly prestigious.However, as I commented above there are two aspects that should be improved in this course.
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Sep 10, 2021   #2
Observations should be either positive or negative. These are not references to what was learned in class. Such a reference falls under the student's learning experience. Thevword "observation" was incorrectly used as a reference point here.

One cannot reference "finally" and "in conclusion" in the discussion as both indicate the end of the discussion. A discussion cannot be referred to as having ended twice. It can only end once. Choose which part is the real conclusion and stick to it. Reformat the non concluding presentation to still be a discussion statement.

widen their scope of international dishes.

... widen their skills in relation to cooking international dishes.

The recommendarion reason was not properly presented in that section.

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