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If you are required to obtain a second specialty, what specialty would you like to study and why?

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Jan 31, 2018   #1

Practice:A second specialty

If you are required to obtain a second specialty to help better the job you apply for, what specialty would you like to study? Why?

As the working condition transforms from generation to generation, it is more difficult to find a job than before. In such a technology-driven era, more and more people compete against others in a workplace with more than one skill for work. For instance, a salesperson can sell the goods with another language. A waiter with management skills or an accounter with computer skills is also usual in the society. Fostering the second specialty has become a trend and advantage for the employees nowadays. In my opinion, I am willing to study public relations as my second specialty.

Living in a society with various people to confront and interact with, we are easy to encounter unwitting conflicts and even something worse. Sometimes we are forced to meet authorities, foreigners and people in other ages in a workplace, facing different social occasions in order to achieve our goal for work. The essential skill we required is an ability of conversation, which can be acquired from studying public relations. The second specialty will bring skills for learning how to interact with others after listening to and realizing what their intention is, and that's the crucial point related to the fact if we can have a decent conversation when we confront with others.

However, there are numerous details which can be applied to many matters on the subject of public relations. In the political side, the government has to establish lasting and favorable relations with various departments in the society, so communication skills can be one of the significant abilities affecting the result. In the economic side, conglomerates will go to great lengths to get the best profits with outstanding performance for negotiation. Investors also monitor which conditions of companies look profitable for a stake. Not only interpersonal skills but a brilliant image in public are need to learn in public relations for political and economic territory, much more applications in the social side. For example, it is important to deal with conflicts in a smooth and decent way as we have different opinions from other supervisors in the workplace. In the society, how to overcome the stalemate with coworkers, customers or others in other territories is an inevitable subject that everyone will experience and learn.

Overall, public relations can be widely applied in our life. No matter which works we choose, where we are striving for our own life goal, I believe that studying public relations will benefit on all our lifetime, because we live in groups, naturally causing interpersonal matters. Although public relations is an implicit skill, the merit of learning it enables us easier get along with the society.
DoctorWho - / 46 29  
Jan 31, 2018   #2

You have an overall well written material. I see one or two grammatical errors which I'm sure you are more than capable of correcting if you read through once more.

The only problem I do find is that you have'nt spoken about your first specialty at all. The essay prompts you to talk about how it would benefit you as a person in terms of adding on to and complementing your first specialty. While you have spoken of the general benefits of "Public Relations" in various sectors, do highlight how you personally and professionally hope to grow.

Good Luck! :)
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,364 3367  
Jan 31, 2018   #3
Mia, consider that you are applying for a job and you are seen to be less skilled than possible in this area. Would you be willing to be instructed by your potential employer to study a second, related skill? If yes, then what skill would that be, hypothetically speaking? Present the information terms of responding to a job interview. How will a Public Relations degree help you perform your task better? Indicate your original undergraduate degree and then explain the relationship between the two. Focus on how a secondary speciality will make you more employable in the future.

You should have indicated the keywords from the original prompt in your response. It should have indicated that "If required to, I would consider Public Relations as my second specialty." In addition to that presentation mistake, the essay also has a serious flaw in its pronoun presentation. Since this is a personal discussion narrative, the first person singular pronouns such as "I, me, and myself" should have been used. We is a plural first person plural pronoun so it should not be used at all in your response. These are the mistakes that marred your otherwise acceptable essay presentation. Please make sure you use the correct pronoun presentation and also, include some keywords from the original prompt in your succeeding tests in order to improve your discussion presentation skills.

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