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My research paper about a Movie Theater I would like to open one day.

sweetdisaster06 1 / -  
May 7, 2012   #1
Adore movies? Then is the place to go! I have always loved movies as a child and even now I still really enjoy them. That is why I am building my very own movie theatre. In order to learn more about the move theatre business, I have researched business names, location and business costs.

A problem I will have with my business is location. Sba.gov says "If you are scouting a location in a suburban area, most people may not get around by car. You'll need to make sure you are close to major streets, and have plenty of parking." I will need a parking lot large enough for at least 25 vehicles. I thought about the fact that my customers come to me so I must construct it by a main road for easy access. My theatre is located on 710 Washington Ave, Bay City, Michigan. It is 3,400 square ft and I pay $0.41 per square feet per month. So my grand total for renting my building is $1,394 every month!

Another issue I will have is the cost. Obviously it's not free to have a business, lots of finances are involved. My strategy is to go by what bplans.com says, "Try not to be competitive. Check to make sure there are no close-by businesses that are relatively the same as yours. You could lose a lot of customers." That's what I plan on doing. I expect healthy sales in the first year, then more than doubling by the third. I need to employ people for lawn care, and remodeling possibly. A vast portion of money will go towards my projector and big screen. The two together will be about $10,000.

Every business needs a catchy name, title, catchphrase or jingle. According to nolo.com, "Make your name memorable. A creative, distinctive name will not only be entitled to a high level of trademark protection, but it will also stick in the minds of your customers." I needed an easy to pronounce, web-ready name. I had thought about a personal name, like "Naomi Theatre" or something close to that. Instead, I decided to go with

In conclusion, I plan on using all of my research and information toward my movie theatre business. In the future I hope to expand my business in many different places around the US. I also plan to move my business to Canada. Now that I have researched location, business names and expenses, I will apply what I have learned in order to open my movie theatre.

jishollywood - / 1  
May 8, 2012   #2
Great Intro love it just grabbed my attention.

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