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the responsibility of government and new buildings' style

lastsky 3 / 5 1  
Sep 29, 2014   #1
The government is responsible for protecting a nation's cultural identify. Thus, some people believe new buildings should be built in traditional styles. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the opinion?

Nowadays, it becomes a well-known fact that a nation's cultural identify is an essential heritage. But when it comes to the cultural identify protection, people hold divergent views. Some people argue that new building should follow traditional styles. As far as I am concerned, I strongly doubt its possibility.

There is no denying that protecting a nation's cultural identify is not the government's main responsibility. Except it, the government have a host of works to do. For example, the government should give priority to transportation, education and society safety. Secondly, compared with the government, every individual should take more responsibility of nation identify protection, because buildings' style is just one of nation culture identify which contains music, dance and other artistic forms as well. People, as a carrier of artistic tradition should improve their awareness of cultural identify protection, then participate in various activities in protecting traditional cultural identify provide by the governments. Only can this way facilitate cultural identify protection more effective. Last but not least, a new building's style is determined by various factors. Besides cultural identify protection, people need to consider the environment, the geography position and other conditions. For example, we cannot build a supermarket with traditional style near suburb area, which is inconsistent with the skyscrapers nearby.

Granted, more building with traditional style can improve the coverage rate of a nation's culture identify. But too many buildings with same traditional style could make new visual pollutions.

Based on the above analysis, I concede that new buildings follow traditional style do contribute to protect cultural identify. However, compared with some harms it brings, the advantage is not worth mentioning. On balance, I think the government should focus on the living, education and other critical issues. Every individual can shoulder the responsibility of protection cultural identify.
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Sep 29, 2014   #2
As far as I am concerned, I strongly doubt its possibility.

Here it is unclear what possibility you are doubting. Also, the way to write a GREAT thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph is to pretend you are only allowed to write one sentence to express your whole idea. Use the sentence at the end of the first paragraph to tell the reader exactly what your main argument is. Why do you doubt the possibility? Sum it up in that sentence, and then explain it with the read of the essay.

Except it, the government have a host of works to do. --- You make a VERY good point here. The government has other responsibilities, like building safely instead of copying old ways. I agree! And I want to improve the sentence for you:

Except it, In addition to that responsibility, the government have a host of other responsibilities as well. to do. Very smart argument.

: )
ritairianti 3 / 12 4  
Sep 30, 2014   #3
i think, your essay very well-structure and good ideas.

1. As far as I am concerned , I strongly doubt its possibility...
2. i think you should more develop paragraph 3, because that is too short .

overall, you are explain clearly about your opinion on this essay. .
good job lastsky.

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