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Who is responsible for motivating students to learn? TEACHERS?

Do you agree with the statement or disagree? Use specific examples and support your points.

here is my essay please any one can help me on it would be very much appraciated.

I disagree with the following statement; teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn. Although teachers are responsible to motivating students to learn, they can not motivate them to learn at home. Students spent certain time at the school and most of the time they are at home. Therefore parents should play a big role to motivate their children to study well.

At the school teachers do motivate students to learn where they use different kinds of teaching methods. Teachers give students only introductory of the each subject and it's also students responsibility to continue to study on that subject. Motivation is not only teacher's teaching methods it's more than that. Order to study well students need books and other statianories for study.

Once children are studying parents should provide their necessities for studying. This is one way of motivating their children to have interest to study. Students could have best teacher but it's not enough motivation to study students they themselves should have desire to study and other hand parents to should provide all their needs.

In addition the students also should take responsibilities for their study. They should ask questions from their teachers and search for the answers by themselves and share their learnings with their parents.

In conclusion, when students are studying parents and teachers should have very close realtionship and share the responsibilities for motivating them. Espacially parents should be birdge between teachers and students. This way students will be fully supported from both sides and they will be motivated.

Hi Inchima
the very first thing is to clear up what this essay is for?
second, whatever you are going to answer the first question, is you are going to write an essay and not answer a question in an interview.

the first thing for starting an essay is that you should give some information about what you are going to explain. it calls "state of the problem" which you should bring it in your "Introduction"

for example:
"when it comes to the importance of a teacher's job some people consider their knowledge as an important quality, while other believe the teachers should also motivate students for a better learning process...."

at the end of this introducing of the problem, which is "teachers' role in motivation" you can bring your opinion with 2-3 reasons. and later in the next paragraphs you can give examples for supporting your resons.

on of the usual essay structure consist of introduction. 2-3 paragraphs explaining your reasons, and the conclusion at the end that sume up all your points in essay.

try it and good luck
hi inchima...
the first thing u should consider before attempting to write this essay is: 'to calculate the points, facts or factors that will underline your arguement, and you can find these_; by drawing from your own experience, from other related articles, or by observation'. you will have to collect all these factors or points for both arguements, this wil help you to possibly diverge frm one arguement to the other which appears to have more points or facts so you can write a very conviencing essay.

secondly, in your introduction state your arguement clear and acknowledge the influence of the arguement you've rejected by writing 1 or 2 facts about it.

structure your arguement according to your choosen points, eg: 1st paragraph may b that 'teachers limit learning process to the methods or subjects that they teach learners e.g maths, or economics' giv examples they dont emphasise importance of learning generaly.

2nd paragraph must follow explaining the other factor discrediting teachers from motivating learners to study, but you must make sure factors connect logically.
gud luck!!
In this case, use a colon:
I disagree with the following statement: teachers are ...

Here is another small problem: You seem to contradict yourself.
I disagree with the following statement: teachers are responsible for motivating students to learn. Although teachers are responsible for creating situations that can enhance motivation in the classroom, they can not motivate them to learn at home.

I changed it so that you would not be saying two opposite things at the beginning of the essay.

This is one way of motivating their children to have interest to study in their studies.

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