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Responsible women? - Fatherhood ought to be emphasisde as much as motherhood

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Apr 18, 2012   #1
I hav written it for my IELTS examination can u plz check it for me.thanx

"Fatherhood ought to be emphasised as much as motherhood.The idea that women are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to have babies leads on to the idea they are also responsible for bringing the children up."

To what exent do you agre or disagree?
I agree with the statement that fatherhood ougt to be emphasised as much as motherhood.Nowadays,mostly women are bringing up their children but it is true that rule of men is also very imoportant in this matter.It can be said that both the parents have same importance to bring their children up and develope an ideal family

Mostly women are responsible of doing all for their children,men are mostly busy with thier work.But this practise vary in different societies.For example,in Pakistan,women do all the household work as well as take care of their children.Whereas in western countries both the parents are sharing their responsibilities with each others.Men also help women in household work and women help them in earning money for their family.

There are many benefits for the family,if both the parents are performing their duties equally.Firstly the children need the attention of both the parents.Mother and father are their first teachers,they children idealise their parents in their lives.So for them both of parents should be there to look after them.If only mother has all the responsibilities regarding her children then there will be burden on her and she could not be able of doing her job well.It is well said that both husband and wife are two wheels of one vehicle.Its obvious that if only one wheel is working more than other than car cannnot move smoothly.

Mostly women bring their children up so they decide whether they should have baby or not.But its good for a family that it should be decided by both the parents that wheter they should have the baby or not.Because in future both of them have to bring thm up and make good examples for them.

It is concluded that both the parents have same importance for their children so both should realise it and be helpful for each other to develope an ideal family.

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