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Article review _ Are crocodiles warm or cuddly mothers?

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Oct 13, 2016   #1
This article was written by Nina Strochlic. Based on the report and photograph of Nicolas Mathevon, a biologist and crocodilians, who explained how the mother crocodiles treated their newborns.

Mathevon said that actually the hard-hearted animals were the loving mothers. Crocodile is one that can illustrate this situation. In fact, among the baby crocodiles that is still in the eggs have the particular signals that they send to their mother when they are ready to crack the eggs. Mathevon then played the recording of the particular signal that he had saved before. He played it around the mom crocodile, and it made the mom directly back to its nest and dig out the sand where it put the eggs. Then, when the recording played around the eggs, the baby thought that it was a signal from its siblings to hatch.

By the time baby crocodiles grow, the mother that was full of affection turn to be fraught because of offspring's call.

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Oct 14, 2016   #2
/The content is fine, but I could only give more feedback if you tell me the prompt / what are they asking for?

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