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TASK 2: A rise in the standard of living in a coutry

Lee Mine 1 / -  
Sep 8, 2020   #1
TOPIC: A rise in the standard of living in a coutry often only seem to benefit cities rather than rural areas. What problems might this differences cause? How might these problem be reduced?

the fast-growing economy

It is widely acknowledged that the fast-growing economy in the country seemsto be more substantial for cities rather than urban areas. This essay will demonstrate some drawbacks of this problem before outlining a number of viable solutions to mitigate the sistuation.

It is evident that increasing living standards in country will create some pervasive problems. On the societal level, economic development would give a growing gap between rich and poor states. For example, according to the

latest survey by the Chinese daily newspaper, it has shown that over 60 percent of people living in rural areas who go to work in cities have suffered from discrimination by city dwellers. This has raised concerns about social

inequality. On the individual level, most of the urban dwellers tend to migrate to metropolitan city to seek for a job prospect (stable job) and raise their quality of life.Additionally , the surge in the gross of migration rate will place a burden on the environment.

Several feasible solutions can be implemented to remedy the aforementioned issues. Firstly, the government should allocate budget to build more industry zones to rural areas, which is the key to the creation of jobs for urban dwellers. Once people have a stable income source, there is no reason why they have to go to the city to find a job. Secondly, the construction of roads is of great importance . It makes it convenient for people to move around easily.

In conclusion, these issues could bring about some long - term adverse impact to the society. However, there are some solutions that could help to deal with it.

Tranthtrang 1 / 1  
Sep 8, 2020   #2
i think you use a lot of problems in paragraph two and solutions in paragraph 3. Because of that , each your idea cannot be expressed the best. It makes me quite confused. Apart that, your essay has many good vocabularies and good form.
Holt [Contributor] - / 9,317 2867  
Sep 8, 2020   #3
When you write the paraphrase of the topic, avoid using information that is not presented in the original prompt. The examiner is looking for an accurate restatement of the original discussion topic and instructions. When you say "It is widely acknowledged" when there is no evidence to support such a claim in the original presentation, your paraphrase becomes inaccurate and deviant. It changes the discussion parameters, which is not good for your paraphrase score. Since there are direct questions being asked in the presentation, you should give direct responses to each. That is to help the examiner assess your ability to understand and respond to English questions.

When discussing these Task 2 essays, you should avoid making reference to any source of information. You can use any imaginary information you want, just make it come from a personal point of view rather than a source material. There is no internet available at the testing center, assuming you are taking a CBT test, which you might have been able to use to do research for the paper. That is why the personal knowledge or information is part of the discussion instructions. You need to use your personal opinion rather than sourced information. You will not be scored on the accuracy of your information anyway so you do not need to bother with using sources in your presentation.

Your presentations will be better developed if you provide the following in a single paragraph:
- Problem
- Cause
- Solution
- Reason the solution will work
- Transition sentence or additional reasoning (optional)

By compressing the information in one paragraph, you will be able to present 2 problems and solutions clearly to the examiner. Such a complete and clear discussion process will help increase your C&C score.

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