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The rising number of population in metropolitan areas has triggered significant repercussions

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Nov 15, 2016   #1
Overpopulation of urban areas has led to numerous problems. Identify one or two serious problems and...

The rising number of population in metropolitan has triggered significant repercussions. An analysis of its impact on an economic impediment and demographic imbalances is given before several preventive measures that governments and individuals can implement are proposed.

To commence with, an inevitable result of overpopulation in non-rural areas is demographic imbalances. The fact that more and more migrants make their way from poorer rural areas to richer urban centers poses a problem. In 1950, about 730 million people lived in cities. By 2009, that number was nearly 3.5 billion, and in four decades, is expected to be 6.3 billion, according to the U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. That growth, thus, stretches limited resources and infrastructure. This would also exacerbate impacts caused by extreme weather conditions such as flooding, storms, or rising sea levels... With urban areas of dense population, the infectious disease seems to be severely detrimental, putting greater numbers of people at risk.

Second, an increase of inhabitants in a well-established region is accompanied by economic turmoil. Rapid population growth in megacities is amongst the most potent catalysts for a tremendous burden on cities' infrastructure. As population density in several urban areas is in excess, the demand for basement involving highways, roads, sewer and water systems, dams and bridges has the proclivity to be urgent. As a consequence, a great amount of money would be utilized to approach to these plans albeit a variety of discontinuous uncorrelated development. Increasing population growth would demand increased expenditures on basic infrastructure, leading to unproductive capital widening at the expense of capital deepening ( Birrell 2009, Osullivan 2013). To illustrate, according to The Atlantic magazine, in New York City, the average age of the 6,400 miles of sewage mains is 84 years old. The annual increase of around 77,000 residents taxes the already deteriorating system. Not only is economic retardation induced by the malady of upgrading infrastructure in urban areas but it is also due to the massive unemployment rate. Ironically, overcrowding in metropolitan regions actually indicates limited opportunities in the job market. For instance, Employment and Unemployment Situation in India reports that the unemployment rate in rural is only 1.7 percent when that in urban areas is twice as high, about 3.4 percent. This acts as a hindrance in the process of economic development.

Some measures can be implemented to tackle the acute issue. On the authorities' part, the movement of organizations from urban areas to less-developed provinces is a solution to various municipal problems. Such relocation of organizations can reduce the population density in the urban areas. As a result, the movement of companies' headquarters makes way for the construction of more residential areas, so the stability in infrastructural development would be permanent. Another feasible solution is that the authorities may introduce new taxation schemes on migrants or set strict regulation on birth rate. If such programs were to be administered, the number of citizens would be controlled, and the problem of overcrowding could be mitigated. Besides, individuals should also act responsibly to address these problems. Self-awareness should be fostered in all city dwellers. Each inhabitant needs to equip themselves with available protected sex and contraceptive methods to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

To recapitulate, overcrowding of urban areas is the chief culprit of economic ills and demographic imbalance. This negative phenomenon can be properly addressed with the partnership between the government and individuals

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Nov 16, 2016   #2
hi these are my thought towards your essay

This would also exacerbate impacts caused by extreme weather conditions such as flooding, storms, or rising sea levels...
[ i do not quite understand why you write much full stop (...) ]

it is really good essay. however i think it would be better if you put also your opinion in the conclusion, so the examiner will know your idea or a solution from your own thought.

thank you

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