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Riversdale University's Map in 1973 and in 2010 - IELTS Writing Task 1

mumtazdinar 12 / 15 12  
Mar 7, 2015   #1
The map illustrates the changes that have occurred in the campus of Riversdale University over a 37 year period beginning in 1973 and ending in 2010. The most noticeable change is the replacement of many areas with building and transportation facilities.

To begin, there were several major changes to transport in the campus. A tram stop and car park B have been built on the west of campus. While the river has remained, a bridge has been constructed on the south side of the river.

There have also been changes to the building facilities in Riversdale University. A student union has been moved to the west of campus. Although the library building has been extended, social science building and law building have been merged into one building on the south side of campus. Fine art building has been replaced with information sciences building. However, three buildings remained in the campus area.

The nature reserve has changed. Medical school will construct on the south side of the nature reserve and will be planned in 2019.

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RorA_IDC 1 / 6  
Mar 8, 2015   #2
Hi,Mumtazdinar!Actually a wonderful essay for me.I,myself cannot find ANY mistakes.
but if i write this compostion,i will mention the reason why building a new bridge in the lower reach of the river is because the construction of the medical school building in the bottom left corner of the map for people's convenience.

And i will also refer to one obvious factor contribute to the changes in the last paragraph-The increasing number of faculty and students over these years so that car park is extended,bulidings appeared more...

Just my humble opinions.Have a good day!

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