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Nowadays, robots do more and more jobs instead of humans.Does this development have more advantages

IngridSelena 1 / -  
Dec 13, 2021   #1

the robotic technologies impact on jobs

In recent years, the robotic machine has increasingly replaced people in jobs. In my opinion, although this change has disadvantages for the average worker, I am convinced that there are much more benefits compared with drawbacks.

In terms of the negative sides of using robots for jobs, This trend may cause disadvantages for workers. With the development of modern technology, It is a common fact that many industries replaced employees with automatic machines, which enhances their efficiency. Thus, the number of farmers and factory workers has constantly decreased. As a result, many families have to struggle to make ends meet. Take Fooxbot as an example, Foxconn, a famous company, installed 10,000 Foxbot robots and is expected to add 30,000 more of them each year, which means that a lot of workers will lose their jobs because robots have replaced their jobs.

However, this development brings far more positive effects on humans. Firstly, robots are a huge benefit to medical. Artificial intelligence helps us make better diagnoses and may reduce the risk at surgeon performs. For example, With robotic surgery, doctors can minimize surgical procedures to be done with more precision and accuracy. Secondly, robots reduce the workload of humans. In other words, the machine is capable of performing intensive human labor and backbreaking tasks. Furthermore, the intelligent assistants will do tedious tasks such as answering email, which allows us to do more interpersonal and creative aspects of work. For instance, one private hypermarket installed an automated billing system on the counter which is working 24/7 hours.

In conclusion, though the dominance of robotic technologies has shortcomings, it still gives humans great assistance in some important aspects like health care and works.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,879 4563  
Dec 13, 2021   #2
While there is a strength in the way that you restated the prompt topic and you gave an acceptable opinion in the first paragraph, you were not able to properly defend your point of view in the reasoning paragraphs. You have to understand, the examiner expects you to use logic and reasoning when discussing the A v. D essay. That means, in one paragraph, you need to clearly present a disadvantage reason, but turn around the reasoning for that and explain why it is an advantage instead. That means, the format for this essay should be:

Sentence 1: Disadvantage presentation
Sentence 2: Reason for disadvantage
Sentence 3: Counter argument transitin ( Reason it is an advantage)
Sentence 4: Example that proves your point
Sentence 5: Supporting explanation

I have seen that the examiners score the students better in the A v. D essay when they use the aforementioned written debate format in their reasoning paragraphs. They tend to deliver higher scores when the exam taker uses this format due to the strength of the coherence and cohesiveness presentation. The examiner can better assess your logic and English grammar skills when using this debate comparison format in 2 paragraphs.

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