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Will Robots take over our jobs in the future?

Mikezukerberg 1 / -  
Sep 10, 2017   #1

robots efficiency is limited

As technology is advancing each year with new gadgets or machines, they are easing out the work of their master. Work in factories that take ages to complete, now are matter of seconds. One field of technology known as robotics are becoming the major source of productivity in industries.

As robots are becoming reality nowadays, some employers and employees think that such advance technology has helped them significantly. As robots started handling dangerous and unpleasant jobs, the amount of risk and pressure onto humans has drastically reduced. Tasks which needed many helping hands, is solely done by one machine and at a better pace. All out of it, employers are the ones who are getting bigger slice of the cake. These machines are about to give maximum input and much lesser rate.

On the contrary, some employers think that these machines are robbing them of their livelihood. They fear that employers will prefer robots over them in days to come. At some point i do agree to their predication. As robots are able to perform at better pace and their efficiency is much higher than humans, they may take over some work that were assigned to humans. But according to me, they cannot outgrow the human mind.

Robots need instructions to do a particular task, and theses can be only given by humans. Like children, robots also need adult supervision to do a task in an efficient manner. They still fail to interpret problems and adapt to conditions, in which humans are masters. Robots can do only certain jobs and they do not have the power to adjust according to the current situation . Humans on the other hand are able to perform well even if they have to mood themselves for some time. They are flexible and think of different ways to Doha particular job.

Overall, robots are efficient machines, but their efficiency is limited to certain extend. Whereas humans being their creators always have an upper hand on them. It can either be in terms of supervision or making changes related to the present needs.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,857 4179  
Sep 10, 2017   #2
Mike, this was a pretty well developed analytical essay of a given topic. The essay had a bump in its otherwise flawless presentation when you said; "According to me...". Since the phrase indicates that someone else is giving you this information that you are presenting, you cannot use that term. You cannot quote yourself. The phrase actually indicates the beginning of a quote in a sentence, so it is improperly used in your essay. The best phrase to have used to refer to what you were thinking was either "In my opinion" or "As far as I am concerned" or perhaps, "Based upon my understanding". These are some of the variations you could have used to indicate that you were stating a personal point of view at that point in the essay. No matter though. The work you did is above average in terms of representing the discussion question and the various considerations in terms of the success of robots taking over human jobs in the future. Good work. I hope you can continue to improve your writing skills. Your grammar and sentence structure problems are minimal at this point. In fact, these could be considered negligible because your paragraphs are well developed and easily understood, even with the existing problems. There was no impediment present that would have made it difficult to understand what you were saying.

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