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The role of computers and teachers in education

amietran 1 / -  
Jun 10, 2021   #1

Computers are increasingly used in education.

In which areas do you think are computers more important and in which areas are teachers more important?

These days, advances in computers have made tremendous impacts on teaching and learning. As a result, it might be considered the norm for students to use computers. However, devices are only important in some fields, while teacher are responsible for the others. The following essay takes a look at the issue.

Since time immemorial, the widespread use of laptops has been attributed to an array of benefits. First and foremost, computers provide scholars an array of resources of information. It is undeniable that this appliance is a tool allowing us to search on the Internet. For example, if we want to explore the human history, we easily typing into the web searchbox, then click the mouse, we are an acourant with details. Secondly, computers help us study online, especially during the Covid pandemic. In case students are unable to go to school due to disease or distance, this device enable us to continuosly taking courses at academy. Juniors are still available to stay in touch with teachers and friends.

On the other hand, teachers play an important role in education. First of all, it is considering that they inspiring their students at studying. Children will learn effectively if they have encouragement and motivation, which computers can not develop.Furthermore, leisures give guidance to learners. According to experts, spending much time together makes tutors be as juniors' second parents. To be more specific, teachers help students build not only their knowledge but also their behaviour and character. Such as they always come in handy when pupils need advice or correct their mistakes.

Taking everything into consideration, computers and teachers both take part in education crucially. From my perspective, each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Students need to combine these two method to achieve the best learning.

Thanks for your help
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,173 3638  
Jun 11, 2021   #2
The following essay takes a look at the issue.

Be specific about the areas where computers matter more. There is a direct qquestion provided ffor which a direct response is required to fulfill the thesis statement and clear opinion Task scoring requirement. This sentence does not help your score in this section.

[quote=amietran]Since time immemorial,[/quote]
Memorized phrase used in the wrong context. Just use a direct topic sentence for clarity oand better discussion point reference in relation to C + C.

First and foremost,

Really, stop with the word fillers that have no scoring value.

On the other hand, teachers play an important role in education

This is a prompt deviation which will not be scored and instead will reduce your word count and quite possibly result in a failed essay. This paragraph clearly shows that you did not fully understand the discussion topic and instruction.

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