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Role ModelDaria presents a smart and mindful teenager; Essay on Role Model

Estarburst12 1 / -  
Nov 5, 2011   #1
"People call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or a prostitute."
Daria presents a smart and mindful teenager who goes through life not accepting the social standards of the community around her. She embodies a true individualist who stands by her morals and values and is unwilling to falter on her beliefs. Unwilling to be conventional, Daria cannot put her views aside to assimilate with the people of her community. She influences my individualism and prompts me to think for myself and to try to stray from the crowd to experience my full potential.

In a time when relatable role models are minimal, Daria inspires anti-conformism and presents a character that is actually relatable and does not come off as extremely perfect or exceptionally dysfunctional. Daria inspires independence and self-reliance despite being coerced by teachers, students, and even citizens within her community to be like everyone else. She proved that you do not have to navigate through life being pretending to be someone else and that you are able to prove yourself on your own terms. Daria is the type of person who questions situations around her and is unable to be satisfied with circumstances given. She encourages me to think intelligently about the different circumstances that come my way.

Daria is creative, intelligent, and confident and shows that I just have to myself and to most importantly think for myself. In the cartoon, Daria expresses that life does not turn out like I want but that I should always try to make the best out of a bad situation. The character showed me that I do not need to be perfect or a fraud and that I should never lose myself. In order to keep my integrity, I must pursue personal satisfaction and attempt to think for myself. I also need to learn and navigate on my own and to stand on my own two feet to grow into an exceptional person. She caused me to express that being an individual is not a crime but an expression of my own personal values and beliefs. My voice on varied issues does matter and must learn how to use it responsibly and competently.

Despite what society perceive about women, Daria proves that I do not have to dumb down your intelligence or to be influenced by the social pressures of society. She inspires me to become confident in my interest and not to let others make me second guess my choices.

Prettywings 1 / 74  
Nov 6, 2011   #2
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and to try to stray away from the crowd
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to be influenced by thesocialsocieta l pressures of society
confident in my interests and not to let others make me second guess my choices.

I am a Daria fan as well:)

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