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IELTS task 2_the role of teacher in modern education

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Jan 9, 2021   #1
In the past, the role of teacher was to provide information. Today, student have access to wide sources of information. There is therefore, no role of teacher in modern education.


It is true that now students are easy to catch the new information with the progress of the technology, the internet can quickly broaden students' horizons, especially everyone has their own smartphone. Since this situation in our daily life, there is a doubt about what kind of the role that teacher has to play. While as my opinion I still believe there are several reasons to prove the value and the necessity of teacher.

Firstly, even there are plenty of informations but if you can't distinguish and categorize the resources true or fake, it will be a disaster. Teacher through all the training and pass the tests to become tutor with independent thinking ability the most important skill that students have to enhance nowadays. In order to develop the independent thinking teacher could be a major bridge to help students building their own world view. For example the website are fulfill with much violent and pornography. In my case, when I was a child I addicted and lose myself on online world during that time I become more frustrated and irritated easily but it is fortunate that teacher find out my change and give me some advices to deal with my emotion and how to avoid the negative website. I trust that in these day thus all the answers can find simply but teacher can not only offer their help on emotion problem but also share their own experience of life that website can't give.

Furthermore, teacher could be your tower when losing direction in your life. Some people said that good teacher is like your second parent. Building relationship with teacher will be a motivation to improve and may be a key point to change students' live. To sum up, although there are fulfill information but I fully support teacher take a important role to students and I believe it won't change in the future.

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Jan 10, 2021   #2
It is true that now students

This is only a discussion essay. There is no instruction asking you if the statement being made is true or false. It is important that you donot alter the original presentation in any way, within your rewording of the topic. That is because of the task accuracy requirements that analyzes how well you can adhere to the original presentation, without adding, removing, or giving a personal opinion that will change the original prese4ntation. The mere presence of this opening sentence already changed the statement from a discussion topic to a personal opinion. Expect to have score reductions in the TA score due to that information addition. Your opening paraphrase in fact, does not adhere to the original prompt restatement as you began discussing an opinion, rather than merely restating the topic and responding to the question, without a discussion scope for your reasons yet. The first paragraph is always a paraphrase of the original, with a response to the given question. You will not get a passing TA score due to the overall error in your restatement. You did not respond to the question as required.

Do not use contractions in the Task 2 presentation. Contractions are shortened forms of English words that are not academically acceptable in formal writing. Your Task 2 essay is a formal piece of writing. As such, the full word must be spelled out. The contractions have the ability to lower your GRA score as you are not using the appropriate writing style in the presentation.

There is no plural word for information. The plural form is the same as the singular form. This will again, lower your GRA as you show that you do not have a proper grasp of how English words are formed. This also affects your LR score because you show an unfamiliarity with the word usage and formation.

There are just too many errors in this presentation for me to cover in this review. The bottom for your essay is just this, it is not a passing essay based on content, word formation, sentence clarity, and prompt adherence. You even failed to create a proper concluding paragraph creating an open ended rather than concluded essay. The length of the essay will not justify a passing grade due to your failure to score properly in the grading rubic.

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